“Devastating” Update


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Will this ancient icon halt the ocean's assault?

Will this ancient icon halt the ocean’s assault?

El Matal, Ecuador February 04 2014

The above photo shows the ocean’s view of one of the beachfront homes at El Matal, Ecuador. The previous post shows the opposite view from that same house as the ocean took bite after bite of the vanishing beachfront.

“It’s Devastating”

Still traveling with the Ecuador Expat Journey group, I am pleased to direct your attention to Patricia Farmer’s update: AFTERMATH.

Thanks, Patricia –  I’ll be home on Thursday night and hope to see all of you on Friday.

“It’s Devastating”


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El Matal Ecuador
Canton: Jama
Province: Manabi
02-February – 2014

Late afternoon - Feb 02, 2014 - El Matal Ecuador - Homeowner photo

Late afternoon – Feb 02, 2014 – El Matal Ecuador – Homeowner photo – (Hold that thought…)

On Saturday, I sent queries (about the destructive high tides) to people living in the coastal area near my home on the river.   Lesli, a homeowner at Coco Beach Village at El Matal, wrote late Saturday night with a two-word message.  “It’s devastating.” Continue reading

Superbowl, Spicy Freeze-dried Coffee & Worry

Siepre Trabajando - Always-working Sarah, Jonathan, and Susie work on tour details at Canoa Beach Hotel

Siempre Trabajando – Always-working Susie, Jonathan, and Sarah work on tour details at Canoa Beach Hotel

Feb. 01, 2014 – Ecuador

As travels took me to Guayaquil, I’ve been preoccupied about the high tides at the petite fishing village of El Matal, home to many friends who surely feel helpless against the devastating high tides.   Torn between the sobering reality that they’re facing and the positive interaction with a new tour group, I’m planted in Guayaquil and ready to embrace the upcoming week.  A part of me is also planted on the front line at El Matal’s vanishing malecon.

What will this beach look like when morning arrives?

What will be left of this beach when morning arrives?

Jonathan Hall of Ecuador Expat Journeys sent an itinerary on Friday, as I will soon be meeting the newest tour arriving at the Guayaquil airport.   He stated where we’ll be spending Sunday night, where dinner will be, and added there will be a Super Bowl party for those who are interested.

Ecuador Expat Journeys - Coastal Tour

Ecuador Expat Journeys – Coastal Tour

Super Bowl?  I knew there was one approaching, but I did not know who was playing or when!  Super Bowl Party?   Should I wear ‘artist’s black’ and be neutral? I mentioned my dilemma to a few friends via email, and they replied with several great crash course summaries:

Quarterback. Set NFL record
For touchdowns this year.
Denver has the best offense
Seattle gas the best defense / they are tough and young

From Colorado: “…You would not believe the Superbowl hype here.  Denver is in it so it is nonstop interviews, orange and blue outfits, superbowl parties, more interviews and wagers…”

How well I remember witnessing the waves' power at Playa San Miguel Costa Rica...

How well I remember witnessing the waves’ power at Playa San Miguel Costa Rica…  El Matal has few trees to help stop the devastation.

Through this, I searched the online periodicals for information about the coastal disasters and considered the contrasts between festive celebrations for a sport vs the sobering reality of watching your home and the front line of a village wash to sea, one crashing wave at a time.    I continued to feel a bit like someone who cancels a party because of a death of a loved one.  How can one be in a festive mood when friends are witnessing the ocean’s wrath?  Was I over reacting?  No news is good news?  I ran errands and returned to my hotel room.  Continue reading

Brace, El Matal Ecuador, for the New Moon’s Destructive Tides

P1930136 el matal

El Matal/Manabi/Ecuador

Yesterday I was unable to pull up a “new post’ page that would work, and today finds me on a bus as I travel to Guayaquil.    When I agreed to help friends with a coastal tour, Mother Nature had not rolled those destructive high tides of the new year.   Her second batch will assault my friends’ properties – perhaps even now as I type.  I wish I could be there watching the ocean and challenging her to a stalemate.

Patricia Farmer just posted an excellent update that graphically illustrates the loss of sand over the years, and the heart-wrenching photos recently taken.     Please share her post, help call attention to what’s happening, and help us flush out some authorities who can advise what options are best and which ones might backfire.

Will this woman's home survive this week's high tides?

El Matal Ecuador – Will this woman’s home survive this week’s high tides?

My trip back up the coast will give scouting opportunities to see how the ocean is affecting other areas of the Pacific coast.

What can we do about this?   Please read Patricia’s post HERE and help us find answers PRONTO!




Money-Making Options in Ecuador


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Moonlighting!  Sidewalk Broom Factory - Cruzita Ecuador

Moonlighting! Sidewalk Broom Factory – Cruzita Ecuador

Are you looking for a simple business in a tropical country with low overhead and a chance to sell to a captive market? Three options come to mind, and perhaps one might pique your interest! Continue reading

Copyright,Trademark & the Devil


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Double Sonrisas - Acrylic (detail)

Double Sonrisas – Acrylic (detail)

This past week a friend credited his morning meditation to a feeling of well being.  Meditation is a great way to start the day!

“You’d better watch out,” I warned, “The devil’s always waiting around the corner to sabotage that good mood!’

About eight hours later that devil tweaked his attention to me and spoiled what had been a very positive and productive day!

A “Please moderate” notice arrived for a post that was written months ago, and I was curious to see who had commented about things that can go wrong with legal and real estate negotiations in Latin America.   Surprised that the slow internet loaded the email, I scanned the message in the inbox:

New comment waiting approval on Zeebra Designs & Destinations

Marilyn S. Ruben commented on RED FLAG… “It’ll Never Happen To Me”
Here is my feedback: You are operating a Fraudulent Website with a name which is already protected under U. S. Trademark and U. S. Copyright by ME, as of l2 years ago in 2002 through the present time. We have 500 Artworks in our Collection, 250 by me and 250 by my 30 Artists.
Before setting up your Website, you should have completed a “Search” of other Websites online to see if there was a “Conflict of Interest.”
You are breaking U. S. Copyright Law as well as U. S. Trademark Law!
Please Cease and Desist using your Company name, because it is already being used, and has been for the past l2 years, by me and my company!
I don’t know you or your Company, but I once did meet someone named “Lisa” and I also met someone who calls himself “The Zebra,” because he wore “stripes” in and out of prison for at least 20 years. If this is a description of the two of you, you are breaking U.S. Copyright and U. S. Trademark Law by using our Company name!
Approve Trash | Mark as Spam

(What?!)   I first thought, “Spam,” and I read it again and reconsidered,  “No, this isn’t spam, but this makes no sense!”  How had I violated a copyright or trademark? Continue reading

ALL ABOARD! Flower Drop!!!!

“…The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! – Wait… No, that’s not the sky; there’s a rainbow of delicate colors fluttering to the ground!… (Gasp!) I never knew that the sky could rain flowers!   It must be magic!” -(Unidentified policeman in Iceland)



The magic carpet prepares for takeoff! Join me on this Round-the-World Flower-Drop Mission for all who are enduring extreme temperatures and craving a dose of the tropics!


Wave a yellow flag, and happy flowers will fall from the sky; wear yellow attire, and Continue reading

Timeout for Art: Blocks


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A simple line drawing, photographed (gray) and converted to black and gray.

A simple line drawing, photographed (gray) and converted to black and gray.

“When I can’t paint, I can draw, and this simple but very powerful tool gets me back to the very door of creativity.”  (Pat Corbin Henson)

Sometimes when I find myself going ’round in circles, I look through my archives and play with the designs waiting in limbo.   Rolling this drawing into a ‘bronze’ application on Irfanview provided a much-richer work of art with zero effort!


After tossing around options on the computer, I am usually eager to return to my pencil, which in turn preps me to return to my paints! Continue reading

Two Cents Tuesday – Painting!


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Long ago, before my life in Latin America, the Greenville (Mississippi) Arts Counsel sponsored watercolor workshops in the abandoned EE Bass School building each summer.  Although there were classes for children as well as adults, my favorite students were the older ones.

P1800873 sand dollar hank hand

Quite meticulous with any task he embraces, Hank quickly mastered this sand dollar study.

Several new students professed,  “I’ve never drawn or painted in my life, but I’d like to try!” 

One of my favorite students that summer was a retired doctor.  A childhood friend of my mother’s, he hobbled up those stairs and down that empty hall to the classroom each week.  With one set of eyeglasses dangling from his neck, another balanced on the bridge of his nose, and a monocle eyepiece perched on his head, he embraced his lessons with passion and enthusiasm each week.


Doc often exclaimed, "But it doesn't look like yours!"   With a sensitive reply, I countered, "It shouldn't!"

Doc often exclaimed, “But it doesn’t look like yours!”
With a sensitivity I countered, “It shouldn’t!”

Other students confessed, “I painted long ago, but I got busy with work and raising a family.  Now that my children are grown, I’d like to start painting again.”   I watched one particular student swan dive back into her paintings, and it was a joy to witness her renaissance.

“I feel guilty taking your money,” I told her one week.  “You don’t need my guidance…”

“Oh, but I do!” she exclaimed, “I need this class for the discipline; otherwise I would not take time to paint.”

Those students taught me many valuable lessons, and  wherever I go, I try to coax others into their own unique renaissance.

Barb y Donna - Republic of Panama

Barb y Donna – Republic of Panama

It takes courage to step into a class of strangers and attempt to create art in a group setting.   It takes courage to attempt that with a private teacher!   Our insecurities emerge, and we fear that our work won’t measure up to our neighbor’s or that we work too slow or too fast, and we psyche ourselves out of taking that first step. Continue reading

Breaker, Breaker! Breakin’ High Tides Chomp Vanishing Beaches!


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2012 brought extremely destructive thigh tides to the Playa San Miguel Costa Rica area.

2012 brought extremely destructive high tides to the Playa San Miguel (Costa Rica) area.

As the most evolved species on the planet, we – as humans- oftentimes inflict the most damage and leave a swath of damage in our wakes! The more primitive indigenous cultures sometime seem to be the true evolved ones, as their simple lifestyles allow them to monitor Mother Nature’s pulse.  When something is out of balance, they are often astute enough to connect it back to a particular event.   (An easy example would be, “That flying machine soared over the fields, and days later the grasses turned yellow and died…  later the people began getting sick with mystery illnesses we’ve never known…”)

saturday fiesta indiannn GARDEN SMILESS

An indigenous family near La Mocora Ecuador (Manabi)

Rarely do the Indians attempt to strong arm Mother Nature; they respect and live in harmony with her.  In contrast, we – the ‘evolved’ – use our brains and technology and modern equipment to literally move mountains at times!  Society progresses and sometimes later realize that we’ve upset Nature’s balance.

Growing up along the Mississippi River, I’ve witnessed firsthand the effects of trying to control the waterways via levee system;  John Barry’s Rising Tide – The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 should be a must-read for anyone who works in flood control/water management industry!  He tells the history of the the Mississippi River, the great floods, and how everything done to control that grand Father of Waters seemed to backfire.  When one learns those lessons and then sees those  same mistakes repeated  elsewhere – oh, it’s like watching someone being sucked into a whirlpool.

..S.ometimes Mother Nature bites back!!!!

Rio Jama – ..Sometimes Mother Nature bites back!!!!

When the local authorities strong armed the stretch of mangroves just downriver from my house, I chuckled when Mother Nature bit back and attempted to swallow the excavator.  Had she waited until high tide, she might have been successful in destroying that big orange machine!  Can we really blame her for biting the monster that ate those mangroves? Continue reading

Timeout for Art – No Rehearsals


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Picture perfect afternoon!

Picture perfect afternoon! Surely the skies will be clear for days?

Talent renders the whole idea of rehearsal meaningless. When you find something at which you are talented, you do it – whatever it is – until your fingers bleed or your eyes are ready to fall out of your head. (Stephen King)

As if to compensate for the most-recent 2-day power outage,  a burst of energy kept me working at full throttle for the past several days.  After painting touch ups on the wooden balcony floor, I protected it with two coats of a transparent sealer.   Between coats, I painted the inside panels of the balcony white, then rolled a medium to light blue and then a lighter blue over that.

The little built-in bench looked quite anemic beneath the colorful moon window, so i painted the back a pastel orange and the seat area in light blue/green colors.    As the afternoon progressed, I added more depth and movement with strokes of color. Continue reading

Sometimes It’s Not About Us…


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Rivas Nicaragua

Rivas Nicaragua

While chasing butterflies and hummingbirds, observing pelicans and frigates, I also appreciate reading about others and their own personal stories.   I’ve shared the story about my nephew Don, who is my daily hero and inspiration to squeeze the most out of each day.    (And he says that he doesn’t feel worthy of my praise!)

When the world outside my window goes insane, he inspires me!

When the world outside my window goes insane, he inspires me!

Suicide has touched my life more times than seems ‘fair,’ and the ones left behind often suffer for-ever because there was no closure.  After news of a good friend’s suicide reached me, I wrote this post THE UNDERTOW.

Remembering Franklin

Remembering Franklin

I’ve shared about Katrina wiping away all but the stoic oak trees that now fiercely guard the memory of my aunt’s home at 668 East Beach – Gulfport,Mississippi.

Memories of 668 East Beach -

Memories of 668 East Beach -

Skirting around the sensitive issue of racism,  the post Remembering Jenny gave a peek into my childhood years in the Mississippi Delta.

Jenny, who flew to New York to play her part in the movie BABYDOLL.

Jenny, who flew to New York to play her part in the controversial movie BABYDOLL.

Today, however, I’d like to introduce you to someone who was a stranger until yesterday. (Thanks WordPress World!)  Her story reminds me that while chasing those butterflies, I should remember to keep my feet firmly grounded and never take my happy life for granted.

P1770010 butterfly blurr

First, please read Jenna’s CV HERE.

and then read her most-recent post HERE.

Jenna, you are an inspiration to all.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!


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Imagine flowers falling from the sky!

P1860930 banana butterfliesP1870242 MILKWEED

Orange flowers, yellow flowers, red flowers, blue

Pink flowers, white flowers – picked just for you!

P1840562 datura


What fun it’s been zipping around the country on the magic carpet while gathering materials for the FULL MOON FLOWER DROP! There’s room for everyone, and we’re set to soar on Thursday, January 16, 2014!


The flight engineer discovered a few minor technical difficulties and tweaked a few threads that got crossed in the carpet.  We’re coordinated to soar out of here Continue reading

This Week’s Window Views!


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P1920576 pescadores rio jam

My my my!  Views from my windows this week reveal society in the front and side views!   Because the large boulders are unstable, I sometimes fear for the safety of the fishermen.  Last week a sense of foreboding washed over me when I saw three young boys fishing from the rocks.  I insisted that they leave, and that night, the rocks fell from that very spot!  The next day slightly-older fishermen were there, and one refused to leave.  Sigh.

Rocks that fell the night before...

Rocks that fell the night before…

Views from my windows also revealed a large orange surprise that might offer another explanation for power outages!  This orange surprise will be working here for a few weeks.

P1920655 muni excavator

The orange tree-gobbling monster also has a tag-along work crew: Continue reading

Timeout for Art: Magic Swirls


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P1920802 swirl riverhouse deck

“Magic swirls about us like an invisible fog of energy that can be tapped by those gifted enough, using a variety of techniques that center on layered spelling, mumbled incantations, and a burst of concentrated thought channeled through the index fingers. The technical name for this energy is “variable electro-gravitational mutable subatomic force,” which doesn’t mean anything at all–confused scientists just gave it an important-sounding name so as not to lose face. The usual term is “wizidrical energy,” or simply “the crackle.”
Jasper Fforde, The Song of the Quarkbeast

TRES MANOS 12 LISA w painting

Those who know me well will agree; there are times when magic seems to swirl around me like an invisible fog of energy!  As I’ve mentioned before, batteries in watches usually self destruct within weeks;  elevators and copy machines sometimes malfunction when I punch the buttons.  Electric car windows stop working.  Sometimes street lights flicker off or on when I walk beneath them. Continue reading

“Helllllp! It’s COLD in Here!”


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DHL’s international search for Diablo Huma confirmed that he reached Miami; shocked at the absence of end-of-year muencos, he inspired his cabin mates en route to New Orleans to help make miniature effigies.

Handing them out on New Year’s Eve on Bourbon Street, he quickly took cover at the stroke of midnight when the fireworks inside the burning effigies began to explode! P1520525 mask inti raymi

Diablo Huma evaded the massive manhunt by hiding in the darkest corner of the DHL warehouse!    A week later, he peered from behind the long-forgotten orange and black crates of Halloween candy, Continue reading

“Helllllp! Get Me Out of Here!”


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Preparing to leave his home in the cloud forest of Ecuador, Huma Diablo aka Inti Raymi Mask (acrylic painting)  parts with his daily breakfast diet of bananas!


Inti Raymi – Huma Diablo – Acrylic by Lisa Brunetti 38″ x 54″

As the magic carpet prepares food and flowers for its airlift of cabin-fever-struct friends, I put out an APB via DHL in search of the Inti Raymi Mask Painting! Continue reading

Magic Carpet Airlift!


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Applying magic to the fibers of the carpet!

Applying magic to the fibers of the carpet!

Tropical drinks for everyone!

Zeebra Surprises

Zeebra Surprises

With the cold weather sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere, I wish that I could fly you to the tropics or somewhere – anywhere other than where you’re cold and miserable and enduring brutally-extreme temperatures. Galleriaredelius’ brilliant mind of a jewelry maker commented on yesterday’s post: “As for the music, how about this new interpretation of Fly me to the moon, by Anna Ternheim”

I wish that I could fly you to the moon, but my budget will not allow that kind of extravagance! I can, however, take you on a cyber-reality magic carpet ride!  After all of the hard work and suffering that Barb sacrificed to help paint magic dust into this work of art, it needs a checkout flight at least every six months… and it’s been six months since the last one!

What?  No pizza?!

What? No pizza?!

Connections are slow, so there won’t be a Rescue Command Center to coordinate emergency airlift itineraries to any of you who are snowbound and have cabin fever.   The Magic Carpet is undergoing preflight tests and will soon be making a round-the-world swoop! Continue reading

A Blue & Yellow Sort of Day


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Posts from other WordPress friends have been zero (to my inbox) today. This is a first!  I’m wondering if it’s a WP glitch or if many of you are battling winter storms. Watching via internet for stories about the ice and snow reminds me of watching Katrina inch toward the Gulf Coast.

Here on the river, I’ve been working (in short sleeves, cropped pants and barefooted) on a not-so-serious painting.  Every so often one should paint just for the joy of painting and have fun!
P1920587 moon window

This could be plate; maybe it’s a painting of an egg?
P1920590 moon window

No… Continue reading

Hello Beautiful World! Chrysalis Awakenings


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Hello World!  Chrysallis

Hello World! Chrysallis

In contrast to the previous post, Hello Cruel World, this one features the carefree awakenings of butterflies.   The above emerging butterfly is one of many showcased at the Mindo (Ecuador) Butterfly Gardens, where one steps into a magical world of colorful butterflies and equally-colorful flowers.

Witnessing the chrysalis of butterflies awakens a childlike wonder, and I recall a private showing several years ago on the deck of my home!  Even though the drab-colored caterpillars stripped the foliage of the passion fruit vines, they later rewarded me with with an unforgettable beginning to my morning! Continue reading

Hello Cruel World – Hatchling Begins Battle to Reach Maturity


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WordPress Photo Challenge theme this week is Beginning, and many images jumped into my mind.  Short and sweet, here is one of a very tender moment in Costa Rica:

Several days after its litter mates scuttled to the ocean, this little survivor emerged from its shell after the exhumation of the nest.  We watched it awaken and instinctively head to the ocean.    Hopefully it's now thriving and telling its story of rescue!  Perhaps it's saying, "Not all humans are ignoring our plight!"

Several days after its litter mates scuttled to the ocean, this little survivor emerged from its shell after the exhumation of the nest. We watched this olive ridley hatchling awaken and instinctively head to the ocean. Hopefully it’s now thriving and telling its story of rescue! Perhaps it’s saying, “Not all humans are ignoring our plight!”

This little turtle will slowly reach maturity in a dozen or so years, when it will return to its beach of origin to play its role in breeding and keeping its species from becoming extinct.  Thanks, all of you who helped the Eastern Hawksbill Turtles win the competition’s grand prize! Ingrid and Alex were thrilled that the turtles’ cheering section kept them in the lead!

For more information about the nesting, hatching, conservation and dangers facing the olive ridley sea turtles, see this post:  OLIVE RIDLEY SEA TURTLE.

Happy New Year!  Z

Timeout for Art: How Did I Do That?!


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"ET" - Watercolor - Working from life/Museo Bahia de Caraquez/Ecuador

“ET” – Watercolor – Working from life/Museo Bahia de Caraquez/Ecuador

I do not know myself how I paint it. I sit down with a white board before the spot that strikes me. I look at what is before my eyes, and say to myself, that white board must become something. (Vincent van Gogh)

P1550790 ET2

Anyone who has spent time drawing or painting will remember times of awe, when one steps back from the work and asks, ‘How did I do that?’ Continue reading

Work of Art – End-of-Year Customs


Jama Ecuador – Rycardo Alclivar’s ‘Bamboo Iguana’ presided over the end-of-year festivities and will surely claim the title of ‘Official Greeter’ near the Rio Jama bridge!  Mototaxis ferried people from the center of town and back to peer at the iguana, while buses paused for passengers to take photos!

P1920285 IGUANA

P1920145 rycardo iguana9

In mock grief from losing the ‘old man-viejos’ in the end-of-year effigy “mueneco” burnings,  young men in faux widows’ garb pestered (in good taste!) people who passed by in cars or trucks. Continue reading

Work of Art – You Earned This!


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P1920182 rycardo iguana

It’s not fair to keep you in suspense, though the suspense for me will be wondering how long it will take to compose this post on slow internet!

So where did we stop on the last post? Oh yes, with the recipe!

200 Sections of Bamboo
200 meters of fabric
70 pounds of Nails
12 Gallons of Paint
80 Spray Cans of Paint
One Air Compressor
3 Pistols of Silicon
Rycardo Alcivar and 6 Volunteers…
7 weeks of work and counting…

Please, please, come inside!  OSHA's not watching!

Please, please, come inside! OSHA’s not watching!

Step inside and enjoy the tour! Continue reading

Work of Art – You Asked for This!


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P1920160 rycardo iguana

Jama/Manabi/Ecuador –  Yesterday’s post hinted at a new project that’s underway in this cowboy town: “Jama DOES have one amazing work of art under construction. Thankfully it won’t be burned, but this project in progress deserves its own post.”

No, those cross sections of bamboo are not for a giant tic-tac-toe board!

Unless you passed over the bridge in \jama, you might be totally baffled. Unless you passed over the bridge in Jama, you might be totally baffled.

Gallivanta replied, “I am looking forward to that work of art :)”

The hands of the artist Rycardo Alcivar

The hands of the artist Rycardo Alcivar

The highly-talented artist/sculptor Rycardo Alcivar often undertakes an end-of-year bamboo sculpture near the Jama River bridge on the outskirts of Jama.

RECIPE:  Take 200 large sections of bamboo,  200 meters of fabric and 200 sticks for a hot-glue gun…

Any guesses?

Any guesses?

Bente added, “Work of art? waiting for it! : Continue reading

Ecuador’s End-of-Year Effigies


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P1920105 ano viejo

With a tiny slice of time, I am again sharing images of my most favorite mascots that dot the Ecuadorian landscapes during this final week of the year.

P1920110 ano viejo P1920112 ano viejo

Each year they seem more scarce, and their absence concerns me.  As with flowers, the presence or absence of these ‘ano viejo’ effigies somehow represents the soul of the community.  Why are they no longer enjoying this custom in my sweet community? Continue reading

Mingling with the Birds


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A hummingbird would compliment the heliconia/ginger/angels trumpet painting!

A hummingbird would compliment the heliconia/ginger/angels trumpet painting!

(detail - watercolor) - Pelican study

(detail) Watercolor – Pelican study

“The heart is the thing that matters, the mingling of the heart with the heart of the wild bird:to become one with the thing I see.”  Walter Anderson

Pelican Harmony

Pelican Harmony

In late June, when I mentioned Walter Anderson, (Timeout: Happy in Nature) many of you had never heard of him or his brilliant and diverse body of work.   Anyone familiar with his paintings and story would probably say that the birds were his favorite subject.   (Anderson/Ocean Springs Mississippi 1903 -1965

frin APPROACHING THE MAGIC HOUR by Agnes Grinstead Anderson

from APPROACHING THE MAGIC HOUR by Agnes Grinstead Anderson

At times the birds on the river have such a profound effect on me, that I often compare my experience to Walter Anderson’s joy for the birds.  Once while using a friend’s kayak, I paddled up river and eased into a rookery tucked within hearing distance of my house. Continue reading

Oh, to be a Bird!


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Alisa’s theme this week is Birds!  I smiled when I read her post,  and I knew there were a few worthy shots from the thousands of images on my computer! Before pushing off from Point C to return to B and finally home to A, I present to you a collection of bird images from the middle of the world! Continue reading

Through Foreign Eyes

Playamart - Zeebra Designs:

This post is stacked right behind the Timeout for Art one, as I’m about to be traveling today and tomorrow. Thanks for the great feedback on the botanical painting!
The Inti Raymi Mask, also knows as Aya Uma, is on his way to his new home in the USA, but wow, does he ever have a story to share!
Without leaving the comfort of your home, travel to latitude 0- 00-00 and enjoy this cultural immersion in the Christmas traditions of Jama Ecuador! Lisa/Z

Originally posted on Zeebra Designs & Destinations:

The Story Of Christmas

The Story Of Christmas

“An artist’s eyes never rest,’ and mine have been working overtime in the Jama Ecuador area!  The Cevallos-Sabando family invited me to their Christmas Eve family feast, which is traditionally served around midnight.  Their home and country store, located on the prominent corner on incoming Jama Avenue,  faces the highly-popular park in the center of town.   Throughout the year, friends, neighbors and strangers ebb and flow past the storefront, where an always-changing sidewalk display reflects the current holiday theme.  On Christmas Eve, a cluster of people sat in plastic chairs and stared at the nativity scene while family members visited near the corner door and greeted passersby.

The Sabando/Cevallos Family --- A  Relaxed Greeting Party

The Sabando/Cevallos Family — A Relaxed Greeting Party in Jama Ecuador

I arrived early to help my friends with the preparation of the meal, and was surprised to be immediately seated for an end-of-day meal!   Not too…

View original 544 more words

Timeout for Art: Looking but not Seeing


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P1920021 timeout for art botanical

All of us are watchers – of television, of time clocks, of traffic on the freeway – but few are observers. Everyone is looking, not many are seeing. (Peter M. Leschak)

Look over my shoulder and see through my eyes!  The flowers in my friends’ Mindo (Ecuador) gardens were the inspiration for this 38 x 54″ painting in progress.  Drawing and painting from life forces us to examine what’s in front of us, and we learn to see instead of guessing what we see! Continue reading

Children & Their Gifts

Playamart - Zeebra Designs:

This will be one of two reblogs from posts about Christmas in Jama Ecuador from last year. Everyone should experience one Christamas in a remote area where there is little focus on materialism. Happy Holidays everyone, and enjoy the post! LisaZ

Originally posted on Zeebra Designs & Destinations:

P1600824 Nina in my lap

The Gift of Curiosity

JAMA ECUADOR – December 2012

When I first sank my roots into this farming community, I was one of few transplants. The locals warmly accepted their pale-skinned ‘Gringa Alta,’ and the children learned to quickly spot the strange-talking outsider when she came to town.  Parents sat in the shadows and nudged the ninos to greet the Gringita.  Those children (and their families) have enriched my life.

Many have a basic and simple life that bestows them with rich virtues, although they aren’t often exposed to advanced technologies.   When I compare their simple lives with those in the more-cultured world, I question if one can give a child too much.   Material possessions are oftentimes a curse;  we stay so focused on the newest gadget that we lose sight of the simple and free gifts at our fingertips.

P1600947 little boy y puppy total trust

The Gift Of Trust

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“…The Envelope, Please…”


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P1900893 inti ray who me

The first few days of December delivered a surprise notice to my inbox; for several months while I was chasing butterflies and hummingbirds and riding milk trucks in the cloud forest near Mindo Ecuador, “M” of NepaliAustralian was receiving nominations for the “Best of” blogs!!! Photography, travel, fashion, personal, design of blog, diverse, new, etc. — I was totally unprepared to see Playamart’s name perched at the top of the list beside four very-deserving blogs as Best Blog for 2013! Continue reading

Timeout for Art: Attention to Details


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Sample Inti Raymi Masks - Otavalo Ecuador

Sample Inti Raymi Masks – Otavalo Ecuador

“It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child.”
-Pablo Picasso
Thanks, everyone, for your amazing feedback on the Inti Raymi mask! Although it seemed ‘finished’ to most of you, did any of you guess what those very-important final details might be? Continue reading


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