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RIVERHOUSE FLOOR  copyright lisa brunetti

WordPress has a fun Daily Prompt, which states, “Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.”

 Ladies and gentelmen:  I present to you the revised first page, posted about a year ago this week!  Thank you for your tireless and amazing support!  Z

I love the challenge of transforming ugly-duckling floors into lovely swans!

zeebra mirror AUDREY Y BILL'S HOUSE la jabilla

Someone asked if I would paint stripes on a mirror! Ha! If only all tasks were so easy!

Custom designs add a lot of character to a room. Stroll with me through a few creative projects and see if you agree!

Originally a dirt floor in an old Ecuadorian farm house, this hand-painted concrete floor ‘sweeps clean’ in a matter of seconds!

Most people have to touch the ‘grout lines’ in order to believe that the floor is painted and not real tile!   An artifact in the Gold Museum in San Jose Costa Rica inspired he shaman’s circle (bottom right, above).

Custom art for kitchens challenges my creative skills.  Many people say that I bring the outdoors inside, and the project above illustrates Costa Rica’s flora and fauna.

The hand-painted wooden floor (below) features the Lighthouse Reef Atoll near Long Caye, Belize. Many hours of research went into this work before the first stroke of paint was applied.  Fishermen, divers and boat captains helped with trivia and details.

(Above)  Long Caye/ Lighhouse Reef Atoll – Belize; Hand painted map, border design, accent tables and benches. (Whew!)

A friend’s cat captured this skink; while nursing it back to health, I used it as a model.  The painted image often frightens many people who look down and gasp!!

kitchen floor thumbnails

This old wooden floor (above) received a facelift, which worked well in the rustic kitchen. Concrete counters provide challenges, and these two reflect an outdoors theme. (Below)

03 Lisa Brunetti - Watermedia

groff outdoor kitchen lisa

Mirror Designs - Costa Rica

Mirror Designs – Costa Rica

Heliconias often find their way from the gardens into my paintings!

Heliconias often find their way from the gardens into my paintings!

Scan your surroundings and see if you might have space for a touch of custom art!  Personal details add character and soul to living spaces!

Which of the above images did you enjoy most?

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