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Carambola, maracuya, pitalla, cacao, mani, hibiscus, quinoa, achocha…  When I need a break from painting, I often switch hats and unwind in the kitchen.  The assortment of straight-from-the-farm products never fails to inspire new culinary creations!

Pitalla/Pitaya/Dragon Fruit – Wow, what a healthy and versatile fruit that is!  (Pitalla photos from trip to Nicaragua)   Green Papaya Salad with Carambola (Star Fruit) and trimmings; Pork with Carambola Sauce; Carambola & Hibiscus Tea;(Prepared in Costa Rica)  Hibiscus Gumbo; (Nicaragua) Hibiscus Tea, (Everywhere!)  Maracuya-ITAS (Passionfruit) and Tequila,(Ecuador) “Popcorn Soup” (Carrot creamed soup with popcorn garnish) and Viche, ah, what an incredible seafood specialty from Manabi, Ecuador!  The final image shows a new vegetable from Ecuador that’s locally called, ‘achocha.’   Mild and delicate, it is quite versatile in the kitchen.  Used in soups, sauteed or stuffed –  it also keeps well at room temperature!

(Anybody hungry now?) Enjoy the images, and let’s go eat!!