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 Applying watercolor techniques to acrylic paintings marries the freshness of washes with the strength of acrylics.

The paper’s unforgiving properties dictate a need for  precise planning before the first stroke of color floats across the paper.   With a good map in place, the painting  flows effortlessly – for a seasoned artist!

(Right:  “Tu-Can Do It”  Acrylic on Paper 11″ x 16″

"Congrejo Loco" - Acrylic on Paper - 11" x 16

"Congrejo Loco" - Acrylic on Paper - 11" x 16"

From the initial sketch until the final application of black, the above painting accepted the artist’s direction. There were no struggles; the image remained compliant and accepted the artist’s vision.    “Van Gogh Ceibo” (below) quickly found its own voice and dictated the direction of the painting.

The Mola Series continues to spawn paintings that often step forward and seize control!     Enjoy, Z

"Van Gogh Ceibo Takes a Walk" - Acrylic on MDF

"Van Gogh Ceibo" aka "The Guardian" - Moreno Law Firm - Manta, Ecuador

"Koi in Motion" - Acrylic on MDF

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