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Many times during Costa Rica’s rainy season, I will say to people, “I know that road, and I would not drive it at night.”     When one veers way off the beaten path, a harmless mud hole might turn into a monster that all but swallows a vehicle.

Roads wash away; landslides block mountain passages.  Shallow streams can suddenly swell to demonic rivers.

Unmarked muddy roads in the night might lead to a dead end if one takes the wrong turn.  When in doubt, be smart!

Please send your best “Why I Don’t Drive at Night” photos!  Thanks, Z

Left, Right or Middle?

Hard or Soft? Watch the Person in Front of You!

Keep Going or Turn Around?

Keep Going or Back Out?

Deep or Shallow?

Deep or Shallow? (This One Caught Me!)

No Fishing

Take the Outside Curve!

Please! No Rain Upstream!

Ugly Roads Cause Accidents

After the Truck was Removed

Sand is as Tricky as Mud

P1800975 MEETING

Who’s Going to Call the Boss?

P1800983 parsalos