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“Mother.  Why are you in Rivas?  There’s nothing to do there,”  my son once wrote when I reported where I was staying.

“Exactly!”  I retorted, and the next few days were spent at an unhurried pace as I caught up on sleep and recharged my weary batteries.  You won’t find tourists gathered at street-side tables, but you’ll find sun-drenched streets and locals who acknowledge your presence without trying to sell a trinket!

An early bird photographer is often rewarded with memorable interactions with locals in addition to endless photo opportunities.   After a few days in Rivas, I am usually ready for new locations.   Trendy San Juan Del Sur always calls, as does the contrasting rural community of Limon.   The San Jorge ferry temps me to unique Isla Ometepe;  sometimes I take the morning ferry, have lunch, visit the petite museum, then return to Rivas in the afternoon!

These images illustrate why I enjoy stopping over in Rivas when I’m travelling through southern Nicaragua.

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