The new year burst forward with many creative opportunities, and the sister site to this one has been sorely neglected!   A new story was added today that might be worthy of your time.  Press HERE to go to Hermit Crab B&B.

It refects my love for nature and also calls attention to the pollution that finds its way to our oceans and beaches.  

"Pelagic Sea Snake"

The story’s setting is Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica, where Freddie (pictured right) works daily to clean litter from the beach.   Although he is not mentioned in the story, Freddie often assisted while I searched for unique items from Playamart’s well-stocked inventory.   Sometimes big surprises arrive in petite packages, and you’ll find that story here:

The Cancebi Museum of Manta Ecuador has accepted my work for a solo show in May of this year.   That’s not so far away when one considers filling a space as grand as this!   The mola watercolor series is approaching 20, and the larger acrylics evolve at their own pace.  I can’t let them down, so with a smile, I continue to paint!