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Til the Cows Come Home

Jama is one of those sleepy little areas along Ecuador’s Pacific Coast where life slows down and reminds you of ‘the good old days.’  Although Jama Proper is a large town which includes a futbol stadium, fairgrounds and a museum,  the wide streets have more foot traffic than cars.   Expect to see a stray cow or ten roaming the streets, or a farmer on horse or burro with plantains strapped to a primitive wooden saddle.   Sometimes one has to step around presentations of cacao (Chocolate) seeds drying on the sun-drenched sidewalks. Zeebra Maps is pleased to feature the Jama area!     Jama clings to the traditions of  the old while embracing the growing number of extranjeros who are investing in the area. There is so much more to Jama than the town itself, and soon a new post will feature the surrounding area.       Enjoy the maps, and check out the sponsors who helped make these maps possible!  Z Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve            Vista Pacifica          Playa Escondida      Hostal Barbudo y Restaurante          Hostal Ciragan

Jama Area Map

“Jama Proper”