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 (Pictured above:  Parsley, New Zealand Spinach, Potatoes, Carrots, Pineapple, Limons, Green Peppers, Tomatillos, Achojcha, Tomatoes, Tomate de Arbol, Sweet Potatoes, Celery, Garlic (from Chile), Red Onions, Broccoli – all for ten dollars and some change!)

The devil surely has his fingers in the computer world!  True to my recent statement, “It’s not what one has planned for the day,” this week brought computer demons that altered my priorities!   An ultra-sluggish Windows 7 system refused to upload any information, my computer challenged my competitive spirit, and I was determined to wrestle it back into submission.

..When All Else Fails... (Probably 30 attempts to upload this before it worked!)

This problem happens only when I’m home, so I’m wondering if it’s a sluggish connection.   Any connection that’s beamed to a little box in the countryside is a technical marvel to me!   After researching symptoms, running spyware programs, installing and uninstalling others, rolling back to an earlier date, restarting, changing preferences, unchanging preferences, restarting again and again, and forgetting what the original settings were, I returned to settings and asked it to revert back to the original ones.

Uploads to emails resumed working, but  images would not upload to WordPress! One online suggestion was to remove Adobe Active X and reinstall.   I removed Active X and was able to upload – one picture… then it rolled over for a siesta!

When in town I’ll connect to a wireless option, then consult with Marcelo who provides the service.   (Btw: Is it necessary to reinstall Active X?!)   While wrestling with the computer, which presently takes hours to download any program, I experimented with a bounty of produce from the local markets.

Near Chone (Manabi) Ecuador

Recent floods prompted a hurried salvage of the crops, and most of the vegetables bore the authentic straight-from-the field stamp of mud!  Ready to test some recipes, I rolled up my sleeves and began.

The kitchen looked like a war zone as the experiments advanced from quinoa-soy coated fried tomatoes to lentil burgers to a caramelized onion-spinach-arbol tomate sauce (was I nuts?) to whirling naranjillas into the simple customary juice.

While cutting the naranjillas,  I pondered their relation to tomatoes and wondered, ‘Can they be fried like tomatoes?’     There’s a new challenge awaiting!   Since it took three days to upload these few images, I’ll wait to share the photos and recipes.

On Monday morning I’ll be  at the Manta airport where Sarah Dettman (Experience Ecuador) and her group of 20 arrive for a coastal tour.  We’ll have breakfast at the beach,  visit the nearby town of Montecristi, drive through the farming belt,  enjoy a late lunch at Bahia’s malecon,  then sunset in Canoa!   On Tuesday we’ll visit Jama before they continue south to Puerto Lopez.

Hopefully by Wednesday, the computer’s demons will be exorcised!

See you soon! Z