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Rio Jama Back in Bounds - 06-Mar-2012 -

Rio Jama back in Bounds --- 06 - Mar - 2012 - photo copyright L. Brunetti

 Manabi Ecuador’s farming belt area continues to suffer from flooding, as the canton of Chone and neighboring areas battle what some say is the worst flooding in 40 years.   At least 90% of the urban areas of Chone are flooded and remain under red alert, according to El Diario newspaper.    Submerged fields of rice and cotton are invisible while taller crops of corn and plantains poke their heads above the waters.    El Universo (Guayaquil) reports 30,000 hectares under water and over 2,800 people evacuated.

Near Chone Ecuador - Feb. 28, 2012

Flooding Near Charapoto, Ecuador Feb 28 - 2012

This morning I spoke with my friend Cesar Cevallos to confirm tour details before leaving Canoa with the group of 20.   Cesar calmly said, “Lisa.  Jama flooded early this morning.”   He summarized how rain upriver had caused Rio Jama to jump out of its banks, but the waters had receded and all was fine for the tour.   He added, “I drove to your house and everything is o.k.”  The tour went well, the skies are quiet, and hopefully the rest of the week will be rain free!

More photos tomorrow if technical difficulties are resolved!


Between Rocafuerte and Portoviejo - Manabi - Ecuador

Rio Jama as waters recede. March 6, 2012