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Quinouli Fritatta - Bipolar presentation to show top and bottom of fritatta!

The “Quinoa-Tabouli” post gleaned a great new name:  Quinouli!  Thanks LT!

This morning-after experiment with quinouli leftovers was a success!  I should switch back to painting soon, or I’m going to gain weight!

Let’s go to the kitchen!   Z

Saute onion & green pepper

Quinouli Fritatta (For 2)

Leftover Quinouli

1 Onion & 1 Green Pepper

Chopped hibiscus buds (optional)

2 eggs

Grated Cheese

1 Tomato

Quinoili mixture + eggs + cheese

Assembled and ready to go!

Dice and saute the onion and sweet pepper on low heat.  (Red sweet peppers add more color, though green was the market’s only choice!

Add 1 – 2 cups leftover quinouli, chopped hibiscus blossoms (for color) and stir well.

Pour well-beaten eggs over mixture.  Top with grated or crumbled cheese, depending on type.  (Shown:  Queso fresco de Manabi)

Quinouli Fritatta - Finished

Cover and cook slowly on low heat for about ten minutes or until eggs are firm.  The bottom will be (should be!) crisp, and the top more like a pizza.

Remove from skillet and garnish with guacamole (if avocados are available) and diced tomatoes.

Hot chilis would jazz the mixture if available; guacamole and mushrooms would compliment the final presentation,  though all were missing from the zeebra’s kitchen!

Quinouli Fritatta - Half & half

The image to the right shows top and bottom views of the cooked fritatta.  The bottom was crisp like ‘cocolon’  in contrast to a delicate top. (Cocolon is the crispy part of cooked rice that’s often found at the bottom of the pot.  In Ecuador, it’s considered a delicacy!)

Since queso fresco has a lot of salt, no extra salt was needed.  Season the tomato garnish with lemon juice, parsley and-or cilantro.

Serve with a fresh-hibiscus tea! Yum!


Wake-up your tastebuds with a hibiscus-starfruit tea!

Quinouli Fritatta, Hibiscus Tea & Early-morning Sunshine