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My friend Barb nudged me into entering a 4-week internship competition through Amble Resorts in the Republic of Panama.   After clearing other responsibilities out of my way, I faced a two-day stretch of work to pull the presentation together before Isla Palenque’s Island Interns 2012 deadline.

I apologize to non-facebook people that the voting is through a facebook account; if possible, perhaps some of you can give a thumbs up for Barb and me – or ask a friend who has an account – to vote for you?  (If you think our video application is worthy!)   Barb is a great friend, and we have a colorful 12-year history of amusing stories.


The story continues:

As stated in an earlier post, it’s not what one has planned for the day, but what the day has planned for you.  With the devil testing my patience, I wondered if a new book of Job was being written!

Every possible thing that could go wrong did (go wrong), including the video camera audio not in sync with the visual material.  That difficulty triggered a search through archives for an alternative photo presentation;  a frail computer was unable to handle the complicated juggling of photo images as the presentation grew, and it froze 30 or more times.   A painfully-slow internet connection contributed to more frustrations!

A video less than three minutes took almost two hours to upload!   Youtube prompted a new log in, then kicked me out claiming suspicious behavior.  The midnight-hour deadline arrived and departed; frustrated in the wee hours of the morning, I shut down the computer and collapsed into slumber!

The following morning confirmed that google still blacklisted my account, so I uploaded to Vimeo,  emailed it to Barb and shrugged, ‘Well, that was a fun exercise!”     I did little else the rest of the day except sleep!

Forever-Agreeable Barb --

With amazing respect and an attitude of professionalism, yesterday (Monday) Amble said they would honor a belated entry, as the obvious technical difficulties were beyond my control!

I opened a second account…   The video uploaded in about an hour, then half an hour passed for thumbnails to load, load, load, load…  and at that moment we lost power.

The municipality had finally returned to finish a river-stabilizing job that was started nine months ago.  I was pleased to see them return but horrified when the bucket/arm of the excavator extinguished the power.   Just before the driver swiped the line a second time, the other workers and I caught his attention!    Lovely.   I had to laugh at the irony!  I approached the men and stated my urgent need to finish some internet work.  With a grand smile, I rode shotgun to town in a giant bright-yellow dump truck!!!

"My Carriage"

The excavator’s magic touch stretched its sizzled fingertips to town – perhaps through the entire province!  My friends had lost power about fifteen minutes earlier!  I raised a brow and suggested the source of the problem,  then enjoyed a cold cervesa before returning home.

The day had been patiently saving a huge reward! On my walk home, I spotted one of the sign-painting participants  high in a tree!  With a huge smile, I inspected the uninhibited self expression that flowed out of his soul, down his arm and on to the tree!

Happy iguanas dotted the limbs in true reptilian fashion!  Whimsical snakes twisted skward on gnarled branches! I praised him and promised a few hours of drawing and painting lessons, and predicted that he’d be soon be an estrella! Yes, a star is incubating and ready to soar to the next tree and who knows where after that!

I returned home at dusk and watched as signs of power dotted the surrounding area while the river house remained dark.   Miracle of miracles, the lights came on about an hour later!  I could finally finish the registration!

Youtube requested a new log-in.

(Have you ever seen the movie, Groundhog Day?!)

Finally Google unlocked my account, and the video was released!

Quite tardy, it joins others where voting started yesterday.

Please pass this on, and perhaps you’ll help us reach the finals!


Gracias;  more soon! (Thank you, subscribers, for your support of these epistles!  And thank you, Word Press, for never locking me out of this site!)

Life isn’t good, it’s great!