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I sometimes scare myself.  After hearing the excavator pushing down the next section of mangroves, I thought, ‘I wonder if it might fall in the river.”   I also considered tying myself to a tree, though there are more-diplomatic ways to make a point.  Man’s attempts to strong-arm a river often backfire, and watching the landscape disappear tree by tree assaulted my senses.

Nearby Ceiba Foundation has been helpful, though the  excavator driver had his own agenda.  He had no compassion for saving any of the mangrove trees. Mother Earth decided it was time to be heard!

Mother Nature Bites Back!

The municipality has time on its side;  the river has not reached low ebb.  I wonder if the Rising Tide * will have an unusual entree tonight?  – Z


Follow up story tonight. I had planned to go to Bahia, but there’s no way I will leave this turn of events in my backyard for one moment!  Z

*(RISING TIDE by John Barry.  Read David Futrelle’s review/ second paragraph)