Long ago I realized that many highly-talented artists were lousy teachers.  Rare is the person whose talents win the respect of the masses  yet is also a sensitive and gifted teacher.   Otto Von Muncho shares his photos and knowledge while coaching and encouraging others.  He is tireless with his positive enthusiasm.  Check out his blog and glean some of his wisdom. http://munchow.wordpress.com/category/properties-of-photography/                I am humbled and honored that he selected my blog for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award.

According to tradition, I am to share seven things about myself and pass the award to 7 more bloggers.     I smirk; are you ready?

Pencil Illustration
copyright: Lisa Brunetti

1. Vampire bats are fond of my blood.  (Yes, plural: Bats!)   With complete stealth, vampire bats have left their mark on me five different times over a twelve-year period in Latin America.  On full-moon nights, my friends often hand me a broom and tell “Bruja Blanca” to fly home.

2.  Ethnobotany is a strong interest of mine, and on rare occasions when I need medicine, the cure is often right outside the door.    (I have not found a remedy for repelling bats!) I DO believe in using prescription medicines when the need arises!

3.  I love to paint, draw, garden, saw, hammer, cook, fish, ride horses, explore the woods, streams, nature… but put a new book in my hands, and I am ‘worthless’ until I reach the final sentence!

4. More than one friend has said, ‘I will match you against anyone drinking tequila.’  I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of, though I sip and don’t slam, and I pace myself!

5.  I can be extremely hard headed.   I can be equally resourceful and open minded.    I have a gift of being neutral, though if backed into a corner, I seek the quickest way out.   It bothers me when people allow their egos to interfere with what is right and what is wrong.   Remove the ego, and the conflict evaporates.  The times I’ve been most disappointed have been when I counted on someone else, and they let me down.

6.  If any of you drink diet sodas or use aspartame, STOP IT NOW!  Twice I had visual ’emergencies’ and both times I had been drinking a lot of aspartame-sweetened beverages.  Losing your sight is a wake-up call, and I am lucky that mine was restored.   Do a search for aspartame (and msg) dangers, and you’ll realize they’re toxins.

7. I have two married sons, two grand children, three sisters, four nephews, three nieces, and an extended family of incredible friends that stretches around the globe.  Had I stayed in one place, I would never have met so many incredible people who have enriched my life.

Now it’s time to nudge the attention to seven other bloggers:

1. Jack Eliott’s Yankee Barbareno.   Jack treks through his rugged Santa Barbara back country and shares those experiences and a lot of history through his blog.   I’ve learned how to make soap from the yucca root!  Thankfully I’m not allergic to poison oak, so I won’t need the remedy that he shares.    His stunning image of the California Poppies is one of my favorites; enjoy his post –  http://yankeebarbareno.com.

2. There are times when I remember to discipline myself and record the stages of my painting.  There are times when I am almost finished, and I realize I haven’t recorded one step!  This artist amazes me in many ways;  she is not only off-the-charts exceptional, but she breaks down the progress in easy-to-follow steps as well.  Presto, one, two, three, isn’t that easy?   Even if you don’t paint, take a look at some of her work. http://sandrinepelissier.wordpress.com/

3. Sounds, Suds & Cinema has been an interesting blog to follow!    http://1etc.wordpress.com/ Dominick  writes as if he’s having a leisurely chat with a good friend.  He will surely continue to X off the items on his bucket list, if he survived his much-anticipated Coachella music event!

4. Jeffery Foltice immerses himself in nature and shares some incredible images.  http://photonatureblog.com/   He’s disciplined and prolific and captures some great wildlife with his camera.

5.  Chrissy of the Vintage Painter is a member of a Paintings group on LinkedIn.   She won my respect and many others’ when she shared this post that triggered a lot of feedback from group members.  Sadly, the creative world of the right-brainers is often mysterious and misunderstood.

6.  This next blog takes me back to Mississippi!  I especially enjoyed the Vicksburg images, and I always enjoy the southern florals.   http://photographybyjoylene.wordpress.com

7. Marianne’s mission is to share a daily tidbit of wisdom.  I’ve enjoyed her posts: http://marianne365days.wordpress.com

There’s a final blogger whose art and poetry is outstanding.   His blog is surely crammed with repeat awards, so I’m not going to burden him with another!  I DO want to tip my hat to the wordmaster.  (Pomegranates is still one of my favorites!) http://francisbarkerart.com

Thank you again, Otto, for your great blog and for the positive feedback you give to me and to others!

Hey, it’s May 1st!  “Rabbit Rabbit” and Happy May Day!