I have no idea when it vanished, but one of my posts is missing.”  Lisa/Baffled WordPress User/May 04, 2012 7:38 p.m. 

Your blog has been restored as requested. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!” Macmanx/Happiness Engineer-Wordpress/May 06, 2012  1:52 a.m.

What? But why?!!!
So last Thursday evening,  I stayed in a small hostal in town so that I could easily catch an early-morning bus to Manta.  (Ecuador)  Because my internet connection at the house is painfully sluggish, I looked forward to checking into the hostal and catching up via their much-faster wi-fi options.

She doesn’t think she’s beautiful!   What do you think?

I awakened early,  ventured out and greeted the early birds in town, grabbed a few items to break my fast, then returned to the hostal and checked out.   The bus ride went well,  the museum show director and I coordinated last-minute details for the show,  and that evening I worked on images for the printer and tossed around ideas for the press release.   We needed a few testimonials, and I thought of Munchow’s comment about the zeebra rocks on the Birding Around post.  

I did a quick ‘search’ to pull up the comment, but whoa caballoBirding Around seemed to be missing.  Wonder why?   There was no trace of it, so I pulled up the post that was sent to my inbox and followed the prompt back  to the website.  I smirked and waited to read the post.Not found?  Wait a minute!  But why?

This link to WordPress’s troubleshooting thread tells the rest of the story: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/lost-post-8?replies=22#post-879287

Thank you Wordpress heroes for restoring Birding Around, Quinouli and Quinoa-Spinach-Hibiscus Tabouleh! :))  🙂  :))

An all-day ‘windows’ computer scan found nothing suspicious;  Spybot- nothing.  Ccleaner is a routine scan several times each day.  All intensive antivirus program scans produced no red flags or quarantines.

So, fellow bloggers;  have you checked your old posts recently?  I remain baffled as to how this happened, but wanted to warn others to beware of those dragons that are waiting in the shadows!

Images copyright – Lisa Brunetti