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The painting competition at El Matal Ecuador supplied countless photo opportunities, and a small fraction of those launched the”Got Paint?” post.   

This quiet fishing village embraced the out-of town visitors who came for the San Pedro-San Pablo festivities.

Enjoy the eclectic mix of photos taken over the two-day period.

Raul Sabando takes a break from setting up tables for the San Pedro San Pablo fiesta.

Calm before the Cumbia!

Oldest sister has the spirit of an old soul.

El Mata’s view of Punta Ballena

A Georgia O’Keefe Moment


Shouldn’t he be looking the other way? No, he’s talking to —–

… Gordon! The young goalie was talking to Gordon! (Stauble) who was announcing the goals while helping set up for San Pedro San Pablo!

Meanwhile, back at the posts… Roy kept painting!

Why stay inside on a beautiful day?!!!

Note the pinkie finger…

…Must be the genetic trait of a zeebra!…

As always, there are some who linger behind and watch from a distance!

…and others remain responsible and help with the daily tasks…

After too many hours in the sun, I told everyone, “Goodbye,” and took the next ‘collectivo’ home —-  only to be warmly greeted by my neighbor who questioned my month-long absence!

It feels good to be home, sweet home on the river!  🙂 Z