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As I prepared to leave Cruzita for a long weekend at home (aka to build a goat-proof fence!) I saw this week’s Photo Challenge:  Create.

The query asked, “Have you snapped a picture of something you’ve created, or something someone else has created? ‘

I chuckled! What have I NOT photographed lately that wasn’t related to being creative?   I smiled, decided that the ‘next’ bus out of Cruzita would be just fine, and I began the arduous task of deciding which photos to share! (Or deciding which ones NOT to share!)

How about images, taken several nights ago,  of  the moonlighting broom makers from Cruzita?

True Moonlighters: Making brooms on the sidewalk beneath the stars!

There are many forms of being creative, including travelling from A to B with your very own parade!

How’s this for Creative Transportation?

My friends Laura and Barbara took a time out from being tourists and spent an afternoon of painting pottery.  My friend Mary surprised me with a brightly-colored Happy Zeebra and an equally-colorful Happy Rock!


 Mary’s bright and colorful zebra for Zeebra!

Before dashing to the bus, I present a photo presentation of the vast creative talents that have crossed my field of vision in the past few months.

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This was fun!   (Now; I’d best catch the next bus to Jama!)

Until tomorrow, Z