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Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica — Pre-sunrise!     

The Island Traveler /This Man’s Journey caused a creative block when I pondered this week’s “Image of Life” theme: Breathtaking.

Scrolling back and forth through the files in my gray matter, I found no photo that stood out.    There were surely several hundred stunning images of Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica, where I live when I am not in Ecuador.  I knew that a search through those files would trigger attention deficit detours down memory lane, and I might not emerge until sunset tomorrow!

But a detour seemed necessary, and instantly I was swimming through sunrise memories.  Taking a deep breath I opened the folder and began dog paddling through files!

Stumbling upon a nesting sea turtle is indeed a breathtaking experience!

Anticipation of dawn often prompts me out the door while most of my friends are still slumbering.  There’s always a bonus for tipping through the dawn with expectations of the day, and on rare occasions I am rewarded with primal moments with the olive ridley sea turtles.

Watching the sun rise over Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica is always rewarding!

Watching an army of miniature tanks is a memorable experience, though their  first swimming lessons illustrate the meaning of breathtaking!

One gulp of air, por favor?!

Breathtaking,” I warned myself, “Breathtaking.   Not baby turtles scuttling down the beach or frigates doing touch and goes in front of my house or…” 

Will this work?   

“Where’s Lisa?”

Of course, a memory is attached to the above image:    One day my friend Marie stated, “I came by your house at six in the morning, and you were already gone!”   I smiled and showed her the photo, which was my reward for leaving the house at 4:30!

There are also rewards for being ready for sunset moments.  How’s this for a soothing end to the day?  A man enjoys a quiet respite with his dogs before returning to a demanding evening of culinary work.

Playa San Miguel surely has more than a fair share of stunning sunsets!

Although few early risers participate in the morning celebration of the sun, most people in touch with their senses will brake for the sunset!

“I Brake for Sunsets!” – Playa San Miguel, CR

“Icing On the Cake” – The sun salutes the nesting sea turtle!

While most ponder their evening’s activities as the sun sizzles on the horizon, I tweak my antennae back to the olive ridley sea turtles.  The burning sky cools to blues and violets, and  I embark upon a twilight vigil in hopes of witnessing the return of this vanishing species.

Sometimes I get lucky.

After laying her eggs, the olive ridley emerges from her trance, covers her eggs, then ambles back to the ocean.

Ignoring my jeans and running shoes, I escort her into the surf.

I wordlessly tell her, “Goodbye.”

…and I return to my world as she returns to hers…

…Oh, Madre Tierra, thank you for this moment!…

… and watch over your vanishing species…

Thank you, “Island Traveler” for allowing me the luxury of a reflective afternoon!   Hopefully this post is worthy for this week’s theme, “Breathtaking.”   Z

P.S.  This post is dedicated to Lonesome George.