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Typical fleeting moment while travelling between Charapoto and Cruzita Ecuador.

(ECUADOR)  Yesterday I journeyed from Cruzita to Portoviejo for a final visit to the museum before next week’s opening reception of The Mola Series.   Armed with WordPress’s newest photo challenge, I stepped onto the bus with anticipation of the many fleeting moments that were about cross my visual path.  With camera in hand, I was ready to capture the photo opportunities that raced past my window!

Typical landscape – Cruzita to Cruz Verde

Did you know that some of the best chocolates in the word begin with Ecuador’s cacao?

The fertile floodplain in the area assures an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Located on the Pacific coast, this area’s seafood is plentiful and inexpensive! This corner restaurant caught my eye as the bus breezed through town!

Plantains, plantains, and more plantains! This fleeting moment is so very typical of coastal Ecuador.

These two icons seemed incongruent as the bus raced to the terminal.  (Perhaps the angel will protect us from consumerism?)

Transfer from bus to taxi to the Banco Central Museum.  Egads! Traffic!

Ah, a walk around the block takes one to a quieter alternative to the central park traffic!

Fleeting moments are everywhere – and the unique vehicle quickly steals the show!

(This one’s for you, Ron Miller!)

“Why it takes Lisa half an hour to walk one block!” – Photo ops are everywhere!

“Hey! Why are you photographing that house when you could be photographing us?”  (This happens a lot!)

The bus ride back to Cruzita offers more fleeting moments. I love the burros!

Oh, the fleeting moments ones glimpses while riding a bus!

Pardon me, senora, but those melons captured my attention!

…and that hammock moment – perhaps I can catch that as well! –

The bus zips past typical campo scenes that pull me into the setting.

Simplify, simplify, simplify! –

A fleeting glimpse of this house is always too short!

Surely a happy person lives here?!

For every photo that captured the ‘drive-by’ glimpses, I missed several more. This one hit the jackpot, to my young seat-mate’s delight!

I’ve yet to capture (well) this hammock/moto intersection to Charapoto.

One of the last standing ceibo trees in this field was recently felled. My heart now saddens when I remember the grand tree.

It was my favorite tree.

(Photo from last week) – Why, oh why?

A pastoral field of green onions

Back in Cruzita, the bus slows for the final leg of the journey.

I jump off the bus as it slows for the final turn…

… The bus careens away!  “Goodbye bus!”…(my camera has a cataract!)

Weary, I note the fleeting moments as I return to my hostal.

Though tired, I pause for one more image of an afternoon icon who watches over his family of fishermen.

Hostal Cruzita; image taken last week.

Although my trip to the museum and back was a fast one,  many fleeting moments caught this artist’s eyes that rarely rest!

Thanks, WordPress!  This has been fun!   Z