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Nicaragua – Costa Rica Border/Frontera

(ECUADOR)   At this past week’s inauguration of the Mola Series in Portoviejo,  I was honored to be introduced to the audience by sculptor/artist/poet Ivo Uquillas.  Part of his speech addressed a subject he and I stumbled upon while viewing the paintings earlier that day.  I pointed out that I once admired and sketched an artifact on Isla Ometepe in Nicaragua, then years later saw another similar artifact in Guatemala, and then another in a museum in Ecuador.   

Ivo grew silent for a moment then stated that long ago, there were no borders, no labels, no rules of staying within invisible boundaries.  The Indians were free to wander, to experience, to interact, barter and  exchange information freely with one another.


Guatemala/El Salvador

How sad it is that the honor and freedom of exploring and experiencing our beautiful world is limited only to those who have the funds and correct documents to cross those borders.   Nature knows no borders; one side of a river is basically the same as the other, yet one has to refrain from exploring it if it involves crossing a border.   How lucky the Indians were, that they could roam the continents without worries about expired, damaged or lost passports!

Once upon a time when there were no borders… (Petroglyph detail)

Years ago someone asked if given a chance, would I want to travel into the future or to the past.

“To the past!” I quickly answered!  “I’d like to see the Indians, watch  them at work and at play, shadow them in the jungle, ride in their boats, experience their world…”

Oh yes, I’d like to witness the brilliance of those artisans!

                                                                                            Perhaps they would accept a painted rock in exchange for a meal!  🙂 Z