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The theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Movement.”

He sails through the air with the greatest of ease! (Costa Rica Howler Monkey)

The sound of howler monkeys crashing through the treetops will get anyone’s attention!  To see them soaring from branch to branch fills one with a childlike glee!  Living immersed in nature, I witness sudden explosive glimpses of movement as well as subtle ones.   Here are samples of movement that reflect my life in Latin America.   Enjoy the pictorial journey!  Z

For every monkey that soars through the trees, there’s a snake that creeps through the foliage with stealth!

And there are subtle movements of a butterfly…

The destructive power of waves at high tide – Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

Playa San Miguel lost many Palm Trees to these powerful waves.

The Power and Movement of Water

The one that almost got me (To the children’s delight!)

Each day more people came to watch the waves at high tide.

The parents were relaxed, but I was concerned for the children’s safety.

From waves to a shrimp harvest: All-You-Can-Eat Buffet for the birds! (Ecuador)

How’s this for movement?!!! Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica Christmas-Day Flips!

Playa Rosada Nicaragua – (Can Lisa capture the splashes without getting soaked?)

Ka-BOOM! (Maybe I should come back later?)

Playa Rosada, Nicaragua – A safe distance from the waves!  Ka-BOOM!

How’s this for conserving fuel?! (Limon Nicaragua)

Future Stars! (San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua)

This bus was definitely moving! (Nicaragua)

The Last Leg of the Olive-Ridley Sea Turtle Night Watch

How could one not have a good day when it begins like this?

May yours be a good one!   Z