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On Wednesday, a group of teen/preteen girls visited the museum;  Jacqueline, the director of the museum, warned me that the girls were ‘troubled,’ and she was unsure what to expect.

I suggested that we have a ten-minute drawing session, where I could illustrate the calming powers of drawing ‘tornadoes’ while gazing around the room, at the ceiling, out a window – anywhere except at the pencil and paper. It’s a method to train your mind to know where your pencil is even when you’re not looking at it, and it’s also a ‘zen’ trick to still the mind and soul.


She and I were both astounded;  every single girl/young woman was honored to be there, soaked in the entire museum experience!  They showed their gratitude with rapt attention and a final hug and parting sorrow at the end of our visit.

I found myself wishing to spend time with each one, to  hear more about their lives and to find more time to mentor them.

It’s time to dash away for another day at the museum, but I wanted to share this story and the images.

Have a great day!  Z