Adventure.  Anyone who knows me well would smirk then look in my direction when that word (adventure) was spoken outloud!  Most would wonder what adventurous story I would share next!

They know about the jaguar that escorted me home one full-moon night!

Some know my story of being skunked! (We startled each other; I screamed, and he reacted!)

There are too many monkey stories to list, though I can usually call them down to lower heights!

Puma or jaguar? A big cat’s raspy grunts sound quite fierce in the middle of the night!

My dear sister Kate wasn’t sure about asking the policeman for a photo op!

This Man’s Journey/Island Traveler presented the fun theme of ‘Adventure’ for this week’s image of life challenge.   My friend Stephen once stated that I approached life “full throttle.”   Another friend, Westley, lovingly questions if I’m on crack! (Sorry everyone, but I never – NUNCA- danced in a drug high – not even pot!)    I am lucky that my parents raised me with a loose rein, and my childhood prepped me for a life off the beaten path in Latin America!  Who needs drugs when there’s so much to experience with all senses  on full alert?!

How my friend Barb won the Stunt-Driving Queen title while driving my 5-door pickup!

Yes, full throttle seems to be my choice when I disconnect from seriousness and squeeze the essence from that grand world of ours!

“Only Lisa could coax a guard from an armored truck!” (Bobbe Gates)

After driving the trooper-converted pickup around the edge of a mudslide to get to the airport in time, I told my friend Marie, “I need a tank!” The next week I crossed paths with the perfect photo opportunity!

Surely the man didn’t just say, “You can use it as the airport courtesy car”!!! (in Mississippi)

After the competition No one had a clue that I once followed the barrel-racing circuits!

How could someone who boats 150-pound tarpons…..

…allow tiny little sardines to frighten her?!!! (Ja! They felt like piranha!)

Flooding claimed a landmark ceiba tree.. (Wouldn’t YOU want to explore it?)

For every quiet zen moment in my life, there’s a equal and powerful one of adventure!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed the images that reflect some of the fun times in Latin America!  The next two weeks have my dance card filled.  You might be relieved that the Zeebra’s about to go back into silent mode!!!

(Now I’ll slow down and behave myself!)

(…or not!)