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Mystery Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

SOLID:  Big strong boulders come to mind when I ponder the best example for JAKE’S SUNDAY POST challenge.    Pictured above is a large stone sphere located at the Best Western El Sitio in Liberia Costa Rica.  Whenever I am there, I walk round and round the stone spheres and ponder.  Some say that it’s all but impossible to sculpt a perfect orb from rock,  but I retort by saying if that’s all I did for my entire life’s work, I think I could master it!

The Stone Sphere (above) and the massive tree trunk (below) illustrate strong, solid secure links to our natural world!

This lady’s posture reflects strength in body and in character while she gazes at the timeless strength of Volcano Conception on Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua.  Even the angry waters of Lake Nicaragua seem fierce and strong, though perhaps not solid!

Youch!  Anyone who has ever experienced the sting of a scorpion’s wrath will surely agree that it’s STRONG and leaves a solid connection!   (How many of you have been stung by a scorpion?!!!)  

Thanks, Jake, for the challenge!