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Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

This week’s photo challenge is “Inside.  Short and sweet, my contribution comes from Friday afternoon’s bus ride from Portoviejo (Ecuador) to Cruzita.  The bus ride, though not short or sweet, did provide some interesting photo moments.  The man and his burro is my favorite, shot from the front seat (!) of Cruzita’s ‘ranchero-blaring’ bus!

There are several more posts in queue, and then I’ll be offline most of the week.  It’s showtime at Museo Banco Central in Bahia de Caraquez, starting Thursday night, opening reception:


With a smirk I confess that I have my own little burro, a mini laptop that has handled all of my computer demands for the past year!  Every post, every photo on this blog emerged via a slow-thinking and slightly visually impaired mini screen!

I used the museum’s computer last week, and shazam! – I realized that it’s past time to upgrade!  When I noted how quickly the computer obeyed my commands and saw my posts on the ‘huge’ screen, my jaw dropped!    

Little burro has done well, but it’s petite brain cannot handle too much more data; it has been balking lately and threatening to protest if I ask for much more work!  If I vanish from cyberspace, you’ll know that Little Burro won its right to a vacation!

“How much can a burro handle?” – Time to upgrade to a Thoroughbred  or Quarter Horse!

Have a great week everyone!