Lovingly called “Coralito” in Ecuador, this prolific climber graces many fences in the country.

The presence or absence of flowers says a lot about the soul of a community.   What doorstep doesn’t appreciate a pot of bright-red and happy geraniums?!  Cascading explosions of color come to mind when I think of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and Cuenca Ecuador makes me think of  perpetual spring-time flowers.  Usually when I try to figure out why a particular town instantly repels me, I note there is a lack of color in general, but a lack of flowers in particular.


Thoreau said that no one is so poor that he need sit on a pumpkin, and the same goes for displaying a splash of colorful flowers.   One needs no budget for tending a few pots of flowers!

Volunteer and cheerful, the morning-glory starts the day with a bright cheerful smile!

Where would we be without flowers?!!!

A Crown of Golden Flowers for the Stunt Driving Queen!

A crown of flowers helped transform Barbara’s early-morning barrel roll into a late-morning of smiles and laughter!  How lacking our world would be without flowers!

Happy Flowers displayed in classic Ecuadorian style.  Jama, Ecuador

The town of Jama might not smile with brightly-painted homes, but splashes of color spring from lovingly-tended gardens.

Flowers bridge all cultures-   High in the Andes at Banos, Ecuador

Dear Dear Betty, tending her beautiful garden in Costa Rica.

For the Love of Flowers!  Rivas, Nicaragua

Classic Bouquets in Lovely Cuenca Ecuador

The exotic flowers forever capture my attention!  These were growing in Jama, Ecuador

This Mystery Flower grows near Cruzita Ecuador.

Dear friend Laura, in the Republic of Panama, wins top prize for entertaining with original style!

Hibiscus flowers find their way to my table quite often! These were used in gumbo!

Hibiscus – lovely for salads,  for tea and equally lovely for the eyes!  Marie would remind me that they make great Zeebra Shots, too!  (More about Zeebra Shots when the exhibition ends!)

Wild Heliconia Transplant – Costa Rica

Guayaquil’s Botanical Gardens along the Malecon

Flowers soften dark corners,  brighten gloomy rooms and bring springtime indoors during the cold winter months.   Essential to my best mental health, flowers enhance the quality of my day!

My little friend Deier!

I’m blessed to live where there are perpetual flowers year round. How boring life would be without flowers!    A big “Thanks” goes to Where’s My Backpack for giving me this opportunity to bask in the flowers that color my world!

Happily catching up on posts,