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We Did This!

This Man’s Journey shares his love and devotion for his family through sensitive writings.   In this week’s Image of Life post –  A Lifetime of Memories,  he shares stories about his family’s recent trip to Florida. I  had never heard of Legoland, but thanks to his post, I took a brief journey there through the magic of cyberspace!

Memories;  my friend Maruja and I have been painting this week.  I told her that years later she would look at her painting and recall details and events that happened while we were working on that art:  She would be able to remember the strong sun and dramatic shadows in the courtyard where we painted,  our dash to a nearby beach to watch the sunset,  the delicious meal served at the end of the first painting session, (we were starving!)  the papaya, grapefruit and apple sangria experiment,  her primos (cousins) stopping by and adding details,  the beignet-cooking session to compliment our cafe con leche,  her daughter sleeping til noon,  and her son dropping by to say, “Hello,”  and my dashing-away exit to meet a tour.   All of those memories – and many more –  were recorded in the strokes of paint that we applied over a two-day period.   She’ll remember my exit, as I left the final details and cleanup in her hands!

One of my most rewarding “I Can Do This” painting sessions happened a year ago  when an eclectic group of guests gathered at the Henry Groff residence in Costa Rica.  Three generations  of the Groff family joined friends from the USA as well as France and produced a unique piece of art.  

  With very little conversation,  friends and family ebbed and flowed while adding special touches.   The painting evolved while participants bonded through silent awareness of one another.  (Idle conversation and painting do not mix well!)

What I remember most is the amazing state of calm that washed over everyone , and the unselfish desire to work in harmony.   

In two days, the painting transformed into a powerful work of art.  Embedded in that art are the memories of a group of beautiful souls working in harmony with each other.  If only the rest of the world could do the same!

Branding Memories through Paint

Painting Memories


Painting is not always about producing a ‘pretty picture.’  Sometimes it’s about spending time together and opening our souls without fear of criticism.  When working from a pure heart, expect amazing results!    Z