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(This token post is in honor of Ecuador’s August 10, 1809 historic step for Independence.)  Happy Independence Day, Ecuador!

One morning while I was a guest at Museo Bahia de Caraquez, the tour guide casually mentioned that I might see some people dressed in white shirts and walking down the malecon.  “They will be wearing white,” Carlos said, “to bring  awareness toward peace.”   He added that people were doing the same in Manta and Portoviejo over concerns about rising crime.

What an easy way, I thought, to state an attitude toward peace and tranquility just by the color of one’s wardrobe!

Well duh! An hour later when I heard the sound of a parade,  I dashed to the window on the sixth floor and peered below!

White! I saw white! Lots of white! I took a few photos and dashed down the stairs to the first floor, out the door and through the back gates to catch the parade!

 The locals hope to reclaim the days when crime posed few problems.  Students, professionals, wealthy, middle class and poor stepped forward and presented a united front.   As a result of a meeting between locals and officials a week earlier, 44 newly-transplanted security officers are now in place and helping Bahia reclaim her reputation as a peaceful and tranquil city.   

One never knows what the day has planned, but for sure, my life in Latin America is never boring!