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Beach trash disturbs our senses; we frown on the eyesores and pick up our token share when we visit the beach (or not!)   Have you ever pondered how many plastics touch our lives on a day-to-day basis?

WordPress’s weekly photo challenge for the week is “Wrong.”  We’re asked to submit images that reflect, “There’s something wrong here.”

Mother Ocean gives, and Mother Ocean takes.

Living along Latin America’s Pacific Coast, I often witness scenes that reek of wrongness.  Most of those aren’t directly related to life in Latin America, but  to the daily serving of flotsam that the Pacific Ocean offers each day.   Becoming more aware plays a part in our planet’s health, though finding active and positive ways to change things is a more difficult task. Through WordPress’s platform, I am grateful to pass along these images that reflect “Wrong.”

Mother Ocean spits the plastics back on the shore… What’s that green speck beneath that timber?

? – It’s a shampoo-capped hermit crab! I knew to look for it, because I had seen more of its ‘species.’

I admire the hermits for adapting to unique housing upgrades, though it also saddens me to see the results of our casual attitude about plastics.  What does long-term exposure to plastics do to creatures like the hermits?

This was the first hermit to give me a wake-up call.   Read the story here!

There are other concerns, and one is shrimp boats that trawl too close to the beach with illegal nets.  There are several posts about the olive ridley sea turtles on my other site. 

It’s a given: the dead turtles wash ashore after the boats trawl the coastline. (Playa San MIguel, Costa Rica)

Then there are the vanishing mangroves. So pretty one day….

and gone the next.  (Goodness I miss those beautiful trees.)

…The mangrove eating monster…

But sometimes Mother Nature bites back!!!!

Watching the mangroves disappear one by one has been especially difficult, as they lined the riverbank beside my house.   Why a few sections of trees could not be saved still baffles me, but it reflects the vast differences and attitudes of man.  (And Then There Was One)

How great it is when Madre Tierra bites back!

I tend NOT to photograph the ‘wrong’ or the ugly of this world unless it shows a sense of humor. I often wonder if the local municipality ever gets environmental impact studies before bulldozing their way through nature’s rights, and Mother Nature seemed to have bitten back on another project that was happening upriver!

Two points for Mother Nature! Sometimes we have to speak up or get trampled on!


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