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An Ebony drawing pencil provides strong darks.

Jake’s Sunday Post prompts us away from today’s brilliant color applications  and asks us to submit images in black and white.  He reminds us that long-ago photos included subtle nuances of gray that made them uniquely appealing.   The pencil drawing (above) adapted to the grayscale format, though the watercolor butterflies on the “Happy Shoes” (below) look real – even to me!

Holding out for a great model butterfly, I was delighted to find this one in the yard!

This acrylic painting of rufous-naped wrens easily converted into a black & white scientific illustration. When my students have trouble understanding the importance of light, dark and middle values in a painting, I urge them to make a black and white copy, which instantly shows the weak areas.

Converting full color to gray helps find the darks, lights and middle values.

Almost always a zebra-striped frog or iguana adds whimsy to my solo exhibitions.  They often become the stars of the show!

Zeebra Frogs and Zeeguanas remain popular! Surrounded with various shades of green, their uniqueness remains in shades of gray! copyright Lisa Brunetti-

Converting the below image of painted rocks was fun and made me wistful to paint a few more!

Ah, one can never have too many rocks to paint!

Playing with Paint.net and graytones, I enjoyed  working with one of many images of hermit crabs.

Hermit crab image in paint.net and grayscale…

There’s no doubt these Ecuadorians are passionate about speaking up for peace. (Bahia de Caraquez)

When I read Jake’s Sunday Post, I  thought of  several options.  One was the recent march for peace in Bahia de Caraquez.   Reducing the images to black and white heightened the mood of each image.  One reflects the collective energy and passion of the locals.  The other presents an aura of calm.

Yen and yang; masculine and femine. Both are effective in speaking up for peace. (Bahia de Caraquez)

The below image of an extremely-high tide is stunning in color, but it works well in black and white as well. \

Dawn light – Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

(Surely she’s not thinking of creating a zeebra toucan?!)

Ending this post with a Zeebra theme seems fitting for a black and white challenge; I hope that you’ve enjoyed the images. Thanks for your support!

(P.S. – My last post had a major design flaw that I can’t figure out how to fix.  A special thanks to all of you who swam through the black comment boxes to leave a comment!  Though I’m not sure how to fix it, I have figured out how it happened.  Hopefully I’ve exorcised the problem!) Z