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Lovely Gabby, of Museo Cancebi/Manta, Ecuador adds her special touch to the group “I CAN DO THIS” painting.

This Man’s Journey’s theme for the week is Summertime Blast.  Through a beautifully-narrated photo post, he shares the high points of his family’s summertime memories.   Because I live on the equator, the past three months did not represent long days of summer vacation time, but exhibiting in three museums provided a blast of memories…

Monkey see, monkey do, I see a monkey just like YOU! (Museo Bahia de Caraquez)

Each museum offered different experiences, and visitors quickly transformed into new and dear friends.

Many tour groups visited Museo Cancebi in Manta

Senorita Valdivia watercolor in progress for Museo Bahia de Caraquez(Above:  Museo Portoviejo)

Museo Cancebi/Manta, Ecuador – Francess and Angel take a time out for painting HAPPY SHOES!

Museo Cancebi/Manta – Barb and Gabby add finishing touches to the I CAN DO THIS painting while others painted Happy Shoes



Setting up at Museo Portoviejo – “It looks so REAL!”

Time-Out Maracuyitas with Laura and Barb

Museo Portoviejo –

Many students visited the exhibition at Museo Portoviejo.

Drawing Lessons – Museo Portoviejo

Filling up pages in the Guest Book

“Five Countries” off-hours gathering at nearby Hostal Cruzita.

This AMAZING group of students repeated every sentence I spoke!

Look! This is the one!

Lovingly named “E.T.” – Watercolor study – Museo Bahia de Caraquez

Museo Bahia de Caraquez – Are we happy yet?

Museo Cancebi, Manta – Yes, We had a BLAST of great memories!