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Travelsupermarket.com’s competition, “Capture the Colour” asks us to submit images to represent the colors Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White.    The highly-popular post-painting competitions in Jama  and El Matal, Ecuador provided countless opportunities to capture and savor the world of color.    These happy, talented artists of the beach pueblito of El Matal, Ecuador transformed the boring light poles into stunning  masterpieces!   Deciding which images to select for these five entries was a difficult task!

RED – Vibrant and strong, the color red echoes the personality of this grounded and confident artist.   (While others stood around and chatted, and younger artists worked near her feet, she stood on a stool and tuned out the world while painting with zen-like concentration.)   With a serene smile, she calms all who bask in her glow.

RED powerful concentration

GREEN – The painting competition not only introduced new talent throughout the community, it also united the community!  Tapping into the area’s pre-Columbian designs,  participants joined forces while neighbors watched in silent wonder.  While the red leads the eye into the picture, the complementary greens in the background balance then direct the eye down the green stripe to the tip of the brush.  Their concentration is infectious!


BLUE – Surrounded by blue, this mischievous helper struck with lightning-like speed to the delight of all who witnessed the moment!  I selected this image because it captured a bright and happy ‘out of the blue moment.


YELLOW – Typical of true zen concentration, this young artist blocks out the world while his companion chuckles with friends.

YELLOW: painting contrasts: total concentration vs take-a-break smiles

WHITE:  Participating against much-older artists did not hinder Roy’s enthusiasm or his belief in his ability.  Although the post had been prepped earlier with the white color, he meticulously repainted the whites for his final application of paint!  This would challenge an accomplished artist, but as you can see, young Roy did well!

WHITE: White bounces back and highlights his features!

Although this will be presented on the final day of competition, I will lob the opportunity to several more bloggers who might enjoy the last-minute challenge!.  (Tag, you’re it and good luck!)




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Thanks, TravelSupermarket, for this fun and challenging competition!