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Jake’s challenge for this week is REFLECTIONS

This week finds me reflecting on my history with things electronic;  over the past twenty or more years, I  have shorted out out random electrical items.   So many batteries on so many different watches have malfunctioned that I finally stopped wearing watches!   The one that stays tucked in my luggage continues ticking  –  two years and counting!   My finger on an elevator button, electric car window button or a copy machine ‘start’ button, at times,  triggers a malfunction.    Miguel Rendon of ESCoffee gave me a cell phone and insisted that I join the modern world and stay better connected;  on retrospect it’s a bit amusing that the phone joined the cemetery of sizzled electronics several months later!   Are there demons lurking in the shadows?

(Am I the only person who sees demons lurking in the shadows?) Playa Rosada, Nicaragua

When I reflect on possible explanations for this baffling phenomenon, I realize that I am often hurried, stressed or around someone with high non-stop energy.   I seem to transfer or unload that extra energy into the closest electrical gadget as if those objects are lightning rods!  At times when walking at night, I note that a street light suddenly blinks into darkness.   (Coincidence?)

Double your viewing pleasure: Full Moon over Shrimp Ponds – Ecuador

Thankfully I am rarely stressed any more, and I sidestep people who scatter my energy.  I politely ask the driver of a car to raise or lower my window – just in case!    Over the past few months my camera rolled over and refused to take another image,  and my computer continues to wave the SOS signal,  (Coincidence?!)

Playa Rosada, Nicaragua – Calm Reflections

A pre-sunrise stroll connects one with Mother Earth and Ocean. Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

This week I will be travelling to Guayaquil and am hopeful to find a doctor who can repair the camera. (And correct my binoculars’ diplopia!)    Most likely I will be returning with a new computer, and I look forward to seeing WordPress posts in full-size format instead of the mini-laptop size!  It will be great to have a computer that thinks with lightning speed instead of rolling each command around its sluggish brain until it decides to kick it back or grant me one step forward in my tasks!

A Visual Balm to Calm the Senses!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these calming reflective images, brought to you via Jake’s Sunday Post Challenge of reflections.  Hopefully I’ll resurface next week via posts from a new computer!  If so, buckle your seat belts and prepare for a wave of strong positive energy coming your way soon!

Until then,


Equator Reflections — See you again soon! Z