Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica


Hey all!

My dear son Chris always writes when he reads about a temblor in Latin America.  He once asked, “Mother, this might seem like a crazy question, but where are you?”  (That temblor was in Chile!)

Aerial Map Playa San Miguel/Nandayure/Guanacaste/Costa Rica  Map copyright Lisa Brunetti

I was not surprised to find his email waiting when I logged on to find out more about the temblor that rattled Costa Rica this morning.    While having lunch with the staff from ESCoffee, I heard the television announcer say, “…Costa Rica… Nicaragua.. Panama…” and I immediately turned to see why those countries were suddenly in the noticias.   “Oh my,”  I said, “I have many friends in that area…”


There will surely be more information soon, but as my loved ones and I have always said, “No news is good news.”

To my friends in Costa Rica, I hope that your houses are intact, your water lines unbroken, and that everyone is fine.      Suffice to say that I’m sending you my love and energy, though I suspect there’s no electricity for you to touch base with the world!

Sorry, this is hurried.  Will be back online tonight!