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Manglaralto, Ecuador

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Near and Far. Photos can magically portray a far-away location as if it were right in front of us.   By pairing an image in the foreground with one in the distance, one can strengthen and add depth to a photo.    Enjoy these images that transport you to far away locations as well as illustrate the perspective of near and far!  Z

Jumping Tarpon – Rio Colorado Lodge Costa Rica

La Libertad, El Salador

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Just another day – Guaranda, Ecuador

View of Punta Ballena, Ecuador


San Jorge Ferry y Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Near Manta, Ecuador


Tortugitas – San Miguel, CR

Republic of Panama

“La Boca’ – Rio Jama Ecuador

Got Paint?

View from the Groff property, San Miguel, Costa Rica

Harvesting Corn – Jama Ecuador

Father and Son- Jama Ecuador Farm

A Day on the Farm


Lessons in Perspective – Long Caye, Belize

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Cruzita Sunset (Ecuador)

I hope that you’ve enjoyed a brisk trip to some of my favorite spots in Latin America!

From Guayaquil, Ecuador – Z