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Elizabeth, Didier & Sixtina (Director of Museo Bahia de Caraquez)  (Paintings: El Caminante/left Abundancia/right)

ECUADOR:  Every so often Life presents us with precious gifts when we least expect them. Didier Galindo breezed into my life during the opening of The Mola Series back in May of this year.  We became instant friends, and have enjoyed swapping ideas and attitudes about art.   While my paintings made their three-museum Mola Series” tour, Didier was busy working on material for his upcoming show, Senderos de Luz,  in Bahia de Caraquez.  (Mola Series Summary- see: My Cup Runneth Over)

Abundancia – This bull and I had a staring contest;  He held my gaze, and we parted as friends!

Several weeks ago after a work week with ESCoffee  in Guayaquil, I stopped in Manta and visited with Didier.  Finished with his paintings, he walked with me across town, and I introduced him to my multi-talented friend, Gonzalo, who does my printing.   As we criss-crossed lanes of traffic,  Didier witnessed my concern when an acquaintance from my past appeared with no warning.  Placing a hand on my chest, I confessed, “I just felt a rattle in my chest that’s been absent for a long time.  I hope it’s not coming back for a visit.”   A few days later,  my acquaintance the cough shadowed me home and reminded me to never take my good health for granted!

Years ago, the perpetual cough that tormented me from November until March had no name.  Absent for the dozen years that I’ve lived in tropical America, the ‘”city” cough returned in tuberculosis-worthy glory.   Thanks to a secondary fever which prompted two trips to the local hospital/clinic, the mystery cough has a name: Cough Variant Asthma.   We have not been on friendly terms, and I am slowly finding my way back to wellness.

Didier Galindo and Lisa discussing the painting, Sparrows

When I attended Didier’s opening reception on Sept. 13, my body was weak and tired from coughing, and I am not surprised that I released a batch of tears before the evening was finished.  Didier’s unfailing vision combines with his mastery over various mediums and produces a unique style that soothes yet intrigues.     Whether an over-sized scientific study of sparrows or a fantasy image of part woman part fish,  Didier’s paintings prompt the viewer into closer inspection.  Inquire about a painting, and he shares volumes of details that might have been overlooked.


Huesped Particular

“Didier, do you know James Patterson’s books?”  I asked.

“Of course,” he smirked in his always-polite manner.

“This painting belongs on the cover for the next MAX series,” I countered.

Didier smiled, and we discussed the movement and energy of the painting, as well as the wings morphing into a blur of whimsy.  Didier’s art is a complex mix of intellectual brilliance and science fiction possibilities.   He also switches to realism in Audubon-worthy accuracy.


El Que Trae la Lluvia

La Maravillosa Inocencia de un Pez

Macropinna Microstoma

After absorbing the essence and genius of each painting, I peeked at the price list to see if any might be in my budget.  I checked my favorites first… the black and white sparrows – ah, one wants to reach out and touch their soft down!.. I scanned  the list, found sparrows and checked the price.   $150.00

I blinked and squinted; my illness was surely affecting my vision and comprehension of numbers.  I looked again to see if I had misread the spanish method of keeping numbers.      I checked for the “James Patterson-worthy” painting.    ”Feathers,” which should run well over a thousand, was priced for two hundred dollars.

Yes, I wept.

Green Life/Green House

Didier had witnessed exhibition after exhibition of great artists in the past year, yet few of the paintings had sold.   He was playing hardball, if for no other reason than to reclaim costs to buy more supplies.

Through tears, I proudly informed Didier, his wife Elizabeth, and the director, Sixtina, that I wished to purchase those two paintings, and I wished that I could buy them all!  I managed to replace my tears with a smile and profess to everyone that I was buying the paintings before someone else did!

Alegria cromatica

Didier is already a world-class artist in my book;  anyone who has the opportunity to invest in one of his paintings should act NOW before I find a way to buy them all!

ABUNDANCIA             $600.00

LOROS                         300.00





PRAYING FISH            100.00




EL CAMINANTE              350.00

DESICIONES                  600.00

CARACOLEANDO            100.00

The sixteen paintings will be on exhibit one week longer at Museo Bahia de Caraquez in Manabi, Ecuador.   Several are not featured here, though they can all be seen at the museum in Bahia.   Didier would surely love for you to visit or to hear from you via email!

didiergalin (at) gmail.com