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Candid Moment – Rivas, Nicaragua

“Solitary. I love capturing a person in a quiet and often unexpected moment. ”

That is how this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge began!

Early Morning, Rivas Nicaragua

When traveling, I go outside at dawn and watch the community awaken.  The true pulse of an area reveals itself in those wee morning hours when most everyone else is slumbering.   The hub city of Rivas, Nicaragua has always provided exceptional early-morning photo moments.

The Sunny Side of the Street

One morning as I zig-zagged down back streets in search of dramatic photos,  I spotted this man ambling up the sunny side of the sidewalk.   Like a huntress, I backed against the wall and waited for him to get closer.   From a distance, I took a photo, “click,” then patiently waited as he ambled along like a character from the Beatles,’ “Fool on the Hill.”

Yes, day after day, every visit over the years that I made to Rivas, this old man often decorated the sidewalk in his own daze of a world.  I had never seen him walking before!    “Click….. click,”  I patiently waited for him to pass in front of the weathered old door.  

Noble Moment

Just as he passed the door, he suddenly stopped, pivoted slowly in my direction,  eyed me with suspicion,  then leaned forward in subtle salute.  He smiled, then turned and resumed his pace.   My heart swelled!  I think I returned his smile!  I hope that I returned his smile!

Until the next time we meet!

When I returned to Nicaragua six months later, I spotted him again, and I learned his name.     But that’s for a future story!
Thanks, WordPress, for a great challenge!  Z