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“I LOVE MY JOB!” Mueso Cancebi – Manta Ecuador

WordPress updated gallery options for sharing images and asked us to test them.  *For this post, I am attempting to put each image in a circle of a spotlight.   Visit the WordPress DailyPost Home Base to see posts from all over the world!

Thank you, WordPress for the great weekly challenges.   Thanks, everyone, for your incredible feedback on last week’s Post on Solitary.  I hope to have a follow-up story on that old man as soon as I can retrieve more images trapped in an old hard drive!  

Thanks, also, for your support for the Inspirational post about my nephew Don.      I am blessed to have so much positive feedback and support.  He seems genuinely baffled that we think he’s a very special and unique person!

WordPress community: YOU ROCK!    I hope that these images make you smile!



While exploring the spotlight options, I discovered a great slideshow bonus!  Click any circle/image, and a slideshow starts at that point!

Thanks, everyone, for tolerating three posts in one day!  It’s been a good day for catching up while I waited on a carpenter to not show up.   One has to be flexible in Latin America!

Perhaps the carpenter overslept?

Although I selected two gallery columns, the circle option inserted three.  I switched to one column, four columns, and three columns stubbornly held their places!  What am I doing wrong?!

(If this is my biggest problem for the day, I am lucky!)