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Whew! It feels great to get out and breathe fresh air!

I am happy to embrace the month of October, as I leave a nasty respiratory illness behind in September! The drafts section of my WordPress dashboard holds an eclectic assortment of posts that have been patiently waiting in limbo; I am much better, but fatigue still plagues my days and nights.  I have done little except focus on getting well and am pleased to be back in the sunshine of life!

Word Press just updated new methods for sharing images and asked us to try out the new gallery options.  After a few tweaks to the media settings, I opened a random post in the drafts setting, which happened to be the one for Ailsa’s photo challenge for last week.  When it popped up in the rectangular format, a big smile crossed my face, and I was happy to see the sleek presentation of belated foliage images!

I am happy  for this week’s WordPress challenge for photos that make me smile, and I am happy to share this sleek presentation of belated foliage images for Ailsa’s Where’s My Backback challenge.


I am happy to be almost well;  I am happy to have pulled this out of limbo and present it in the clean sleek new image format, and I am happy for this week’s multi-photo challenge.

A proper submission for this week’s challenge of HAPPY will surely follow soon!