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Amigos!  How great it feels to be well and 100% Zeebra again!   Your get-well wishes surely helped speed my recovery!  Thank you!

Zeebra Frog – Copyright Lisa Brunetti

I am recharged and in full-throttle creative mode!  On Sunday and Monday I prepped five or six large panels for painting – (three to five coats each!)  With a wheelbarrow, I moved a dump truck load of earth and then transplanted small trees and flowers to better locations. These bursts of energy* usually precede heavy rains.  Over the years, friends have witnessed this strange occurrence and stated, “You might have warned us.”    (*Do you think that a subtle change in barometer triggers my creative output, or does my creative output discharge into the atmosphere?!!!)

Tornadoes, straight-line winds, 30 inches of rain in one week – those are some of the most memorable storms that followed an energy binge!  Many times after painting for ten or twelve hours, I put down my brush, and half an hour later the rains begin.  The rain seems to diffuse my energy, and later I have little desire to paint or shovel or scrub the house spotless!  Every so often when I realize that I’ve been rolling for hours, I pull in my reins and say, ” Uh-oh… prepare for rain.”

We received a barely-noticeable drizzle last night, and I smiled.   It’s the first in months.  Typical for the first rain after the dry season, we also lost power!    We will lose power a lot in the next six months, so when I vanish from cyberspace, suspect lack of electricity!

A repair & maintenance and improvement project kicked off today at the river house.  The balcony/deck overlooking the river will better suit my needs as a sun room during the rainy season, so phase one made huge progress today.  A team of three sweet, gentle brothers is doing the work, and they are quite talented when using bare essentials for tools.    I love watching a carpenter in zen mode with a hammer and chisel!

The municipality scalped the landscape and riverbank, so the front entry and gardens are experiencing a total makeover.  The bamboo goat-proof fence also serves as a privacy screen. I’m enjoying being outside and cough free.  (Did I mention how great it feels to be well again?!!!)

While the men prepped the lumber, I worked for a few hours with a shovel and wheelbarrow!  Who needs a gym when one can move earth and keep the bones and muscles in tone?!!!  Like the ugly duckling, the old bodega is transforming into my new studio.  After finishing the gardening project, I traded the shovel for a paint brush and prepped the walls with “Agua Stop.”

This will be an easy transformation! Any improvement will make a dramatic difference!

A decorative border will be painted on the concrete floor for an ‘Agua Stop’ field test!

This past week via the comment option, I directed several people to the WordPress gallery format post.  After that, several of my comments to other blogs vanished into their spam filters.  I checked my own spam filters and found five comments from subscribers, most through pingbacks.   It pays to check the spam filters every so often!

High Fives & Flutterbys, was written several months ago to say ‘Thanks!’ to everyone, especially those who subscribe by email.  It is also for all of you who truly read my posts and comment and tickle that little ‘like’ button!  Please, right click the above images, print out the awards, and let them smile at you each day!

In that same post,  I also nudged  nagged a few friends toward starting their own WordPress blog.  Two of them have opened a WordPress account;  Andalyn, a friend from childhood, is still in the incubation mode!  She continues to add great feedback to my blogs through her comments.  John and Mary McDonald hit the WordPress waters like energetic ducklings, and I am so proud of their many accomplishments!  Here is a post that shows Mary’s amazing artistic skills as well as several photos of Mary and John when they visited me in Cruzita. https://playamart.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/thanks-fairy-godmother/

John and Mary pulled up roots last December,  took a flying leap to Ecuador and landed in tiny San Clemente with their feet firmly planted!   I have witnessed their transition, and they continue to amaze me with their positive attitudes and the way that they embrace every new experience.   I am delighted that they’ve rolled their newsletters into blog format.  Their latest post prompted me to point you in their direction:  Balsa Boats of Playas (Ecuador)

The Balsa Boats of Playas (Ecuador) – photo by John McDonald

Please join me in welcoming John and Mary to the WordPress world!  Read about their recent trip to Playas Ecuador.


More soon,  electricity willing!