Over the years, one of my struggles was finding a way to help others understand the psyche of an artist. Many don’t seem to understand that when an artist is alone and creating, all else fades into the background. For me, that’s a beautiful and relaxing place to be, and I treasure those times when I am immersed in my work. Mingling with others and chatting does not marry well with creating art, so in order to tap into the best one can be, that means isolating one’s self and going inward. I can happily zip myself away for days or weeks, but then I am ready for a healthy immersion in society so I can reconcile my two selves! Unlike many, I embrace my alone time and never feel lonely.



I am usually not one to reblog, as I feel that the material for my posts should reflect the musings of the Zeebra! Cristian Mihai published a post yesterday that nailed what it’s like to be a creative person. He states, “A part of your mind is always some place else… the artist’s mind lives as much in the present as it does in the future and the past…’ That statement reflects my byline for this blog, ‘An artist’s eyes never rest.’
Enjoy Cristian’s post, Solitude, and enjoy his slant on what it’s like to be a creative person.