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Would YOU want to leave this view?

After a full day of brushing and rolling ‘Agua Stop” on the outside of the house, I came inside at dark. Juan and Francisco had left an hour earlier, and I enjoyed the quiet rhythm of painting in blissful silence until darkness demanded that I stop!  Wow, what a long day, but the house looks so much happier! It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint all but makes an old structure smile, and then the smile dominoes in other directions as well!

The men worked inside while I painted the outside walls!

Tired, I settled in for the evening and logged onto the internet to find a happiness domino patiently awaiting in the form of a pingback!

“Wild Weekly Photo Challenge” Honorable Mention

……………… The prompt took me to the “Let’s Be Wild” site where a delightful  winner’s-circle surprise awaited!




Check out Imelda’s  stunning winning entry along with four other honorable mention winners on the LetsBeWild Photo Challenge.   The new challenge is “Weather;”   why not join us and submit a post that captures Mother Earth’s bipolar weather moods!

There are several omens that suggest the rainy season is approaching;  the number of birds on the river seems to increase daily.  The distinctive call of an osprey prompted me to the window last week;  the lone raptor has returned to this last bend of the river after a six-month absence!  Sea gulls have also returned, and the frigates are once again swirling in holding patterns over the river.

Round and round and round they go! The aerial ballets of the magnificent frigates!

Tomorrow will find me back on the ladder and staying ahead of the workers; the improvements will help offset cabin fever during the rainy season, which – if the birds are accurate predictors – is right around the corner!   (I will soon have many opportunities to capture the ever-changing faces of the weather!)

The mighty kingfisher inspects the progress while guarding the upriver side of the house!

As always, thanks for your amazing comments and support!