Walter always smiles when I stop to buy fruits and vegetables! (Ecuador)

This Man’s Journey/Island Traveler asks who makes us smile, inspires us, takes our troubles away?   A smile has the power to reverse negative feelings.  Give someone a smile, and it’s almost always returned with equal enthusiasm. Smiles comfort the soul, and we bask in the glow of a happy person.

These images reflect people who have touched my life with infectious smiles.

Still Smiling!

What a smile while carrying a back-breaking load! (Ecuador)

“Oh, to be 90!” What a serene smile! (San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua)

After the soccer game (Playa San MIguel, Costa Rica)

Lovely Dady, always smiling! (Ecuador)

This lady always manages to reach down and pull out a smile! My friend, Barb!

Lovely Roberta from Italy!  (Costa Rica)

Great Moment!  (Ecuador)

Tres Amigos (Ecuador)

Tired but happy!

Lima Bean Smiles

Always, always acknowledge the elderly!

I cross paths with many people who make me smile!  Hopefully some of these images made you smile as well!

Double Sonrisas – Acrylic (detail) –

Thanks, Island Traveler, for the opportunity to sprinkle a few smiles through cyberspace!