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Some photo challenges seem to be tailored for my interests.   The Island Traveler asked for interpretations for the word Create.  No pondering was necessary for this challenge, as my friends Hank and Marie had just helped transform a problem area of the river house into a creativity chamber!

Moving the kitchen to the far side of the room last month allowed space for a petite sunroom.  The stunning view became the focal point, but the new “picture” window presented a security problem.  How could the window be protected from break-ins?

A creative answer materialized just in time for Hank and Marie, who were on their final week of vacation,  to help with a new “I Can Do This” painting project!     Are you curious to see what we did?

While Marie and I cooked, Hank applied ‘tres manos’ of white paint in the panel.

The new window has a made-to-fit framed panel that swings on hinges!   It easily bolts shut and also swings open to reveal a boring surface.  Hmmm, what could we do about that?!!!

The recent trip through the Andes presented many opportunities to buy unique hand-made items.  Multi-colored straw birds migrated to the coast with our plunder of hammocks, pillows and baskets.   When I announced that we were going to draw and then paint those straw birds in huge oversized proportions, Hank and Marie looked at me with incredulous expressions!

” You want us to do WHAT?”

Smirking a bit, I selected one of the birds and held it in one hand while rapidly drawing the essence of the bird with the other.  “It doesn’t have to be perfect.. Look at the birds – each one is totally different from the other.  Let’s have fun with this!”   In less than a minute, I finished my funky bird and handed Marie the pencil.

Like a duckling in water, she took the pencil and never looked back in doubt!!!

Her drawings were better than mine!  Note the graceful and flowing lines of the hummingbird!  That’s what happens when art bubbles up from your soul and out through your arm/hand.  There’s no room for self doubt or fear of criticism;with childlike uninhibited bliss, one should draw for the joy of drawing!

After a sunset cocktail break, Hank stepped up to bat and added his touch of humor and personality to the design.

And then………. we painted!

The negative spaces came alive with color, and the birds all but jump off the wall with the final application of black!

Started on Saturday morning with the three coats of white paint, the painting was completed on Sunday evening.  We took several breaks and visited some of my favorite landmarks of the area,  but when back at the house, we worked hard!   About four more hours of fine-tuning colors and one meticulous final application of black paint patiently awaits my attention, but basically, the painting is finished!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our highly-creative window security device!

And here are some of the stars:

Hank’s “Little Bit” became the mascot!

Thanks again, Island Traveler, for selecting a great theme that merges with events in my life!

Thanks, Hank and Marie, for a unique work of art that will reflect your smiles every time I look at it!    . . .  Z