Calabash Lights at Cybercafe Palo Santo, Jama Ecuador

While Hank, Marie and I toured the Andes,  several projects were underway at the riverhouse.    The carpenters finished details on the kitchen, and the electrician/plumber installed the incoming and outgoing water system for the kitchen sink.

My qualms quieted after I walked through the house and  admired the carpenter’s work.  The electrician did more than hook up the new water system;  he also tacked up three lights that were so high that it takes a very tall ladder to reach the bulbs.  I chuckled and pondered asking him how many artists it would take to change the bulbs!

Looking For Light Fixtures!

The stark glaring bulb grew more obtrusive with each day, and I pondered creative solutions using nearby materials.

The mask gift from Hank and Marie has potential…

An empty one-gallon paint bucket made a great start…

The two-faced brightly-colored mask fit the bucket like a well-made glove!

What Big Eyes You Have!

That should scare away intruders, don’t you agree?!

Thanks, Hank & Marie! I hope you approve! Z