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Today’s Daily Prompt asks us to write a post influenced by a favorite song.   Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do” triggers images of fun times with good friends.    This song also fits into News of the Time’s  Tunes Tuesday, although my teen years predate this song!    I am blessed to witness pure joy from people I meet as I travel through Latin America.  Had I stayed “home,” I would have missed meeting amazing people and some incredible experiences!

Enjoy the photos and Sheryl Crow’s classic song!

Cabbage-leaf Sombreros – Jama, Ecuador

Luchy and Cesar after a Zeebra Tuesday feast! – Riverhouse/Ecuador

Sisters painting faces in Costa Rica

Ano Viejo Fun – Jama, Ecuador / These great guys are normal all year until Ano Viejo rolls around!

How’s this for riding in style? Tarpon Challenge/Costa Rica

Following are images of my friends Barbara. Hank and Marie. Barbara manages to turn any of Life’s disappointments into smiles, and she seems to forever be in classic photo-moment style! Marie thought she was clever taking a photo of me taking a photo of llamas, but I turned and captured her reaction! Payback was in order, and it would not be fair to post this image of her without following with several (of many!) that she took of me!

Many of you have enjoyed glimpses of Barbara’s stunt-driving queen moment of glory!

Her tiara-winning stunt gave us all quite the scare, though no one was as frightened as Barb!  The engine failed as she drove up the gravel drive, and the brakes failed with no power supply!

What a wonderful early-morning moment! – Hacienda Guachala, Cayambe Ecuador

In transit – Somewhere along the spine of the Andes – Ecuador


The awol spinning top landed in the market gutter! – Guaranda Ecuador

Barb in collectivo taxi –  Jama/El Matal Ecuador

Hank and Marie – Guayaquil

Hank piloting the fantasy boat — Punta Prieta near Jama, Ecuador

Tag, You’re It! – I hope you enjoyed this post!   Z