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The ‘younger’ of two churches at Hacienda Guachala, Cayambe Ecuador

Window images have always fascinated me, and by participating in  “Thursday Windows,” I will be sharing some of my favorites!!  Take an early-morning walk with me and explore Hacienda Guachala, the oldest hacienda in Ecuador!

Early morning light illuminates a lone spot on the the floor. Shall we turn around and see the source of the light?

Does the table seem out of place in this setting? Somehow it struck me as incongruent in a right-brained sort of way.

The ancient pre-hispanic sundial nestles between the old chapel, built over an Incan temple, and the new iglesia, built in 1938 and now a museum.  The hacienda, btw, is located on latitude zero!

The old chapel (1580) drips with untold stories; shall we peek through the windows?

The sneak peek beckons me inside….

Ah, without windows, interiors would be less appealing!

Out of sight, the window creates the mood of this early-morning image.

Looking out from the chilly breakfast room at the old iglesia.

At the end of the day, comforting touches smile through the bedroom window at Hacienda Guachala!

I hope you enjoyed this celebration of windows!  See the foliage-draped windows at Monet’s house and more examples at Sandra’s Thursday’s Windows.