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Who’s There?   Did someone summon me back on stage for an Awards curtsy?

Every so often Life presents us with an unexpected smile, and one arrived in the inbox today in the form of a pingback from Let’s Be Wild!!!   Check out the Editor’s Choice post  HERE: Challenge 5 Wildlife.

How thrilled and honored I was that “Little Bit” placed top of his class in the nature photography contest!   The image below shows a very upset adult monkey that warned the gullible young monkey to come back!  At that moment, I too wanted Little Bit to retreat!  I didn’t want the wrath of one howler aimed in my direction!

Don’t Listen To That Gringa!

Surely Little Bit enjoyed this flight through the mango trees!

How fun it is to watch a young one cling to the mother’s back as she sails from one tree to the next!


Quite at ease, this monkey often loitered wherever I worked! (from old photograph)

There were many great entries; our WordPress friend Barbara Beacham from salmonfishingqueen finished in the top five as well!  Congratulations, Barb!  You continue to hit top ranking marks with each challenge!

Thanks again, Lets Be Wild;   I’ll be searching the archives for worthy images for your newest challenge, Sunsets.   Hey fellow photographers,  dazzle us with this next challenge!  Hope to see you there!

“…Thanks for stopping by; see you again soon! …”

The link to last week’s Howler Monkey post is HERE!  Thanks again, everyone, for your amazing support!