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This tree (above) could smash those guys into the ground if it suddenly released its toe grip and gave them a fast stomp!

There are trees that seem to take human form and make us smile.  Who doesn’t have childhood memories of climbing a tree and lurking in its branches, sometimes for hours?

Ecuador’s Ceibo Trees are classic icons in the Manabi countryside.

Imagine climbing a massive tree and then staying there for an entire day.   An entire week.  An entire month.  An entire year!  There’s a remarkable young woman who has done just that, and she is presently perched 60 meters high in an old eucalyptus tree!

You HAVE to read this young woman’s story!  Scram! Go there now via  cybertrip to Tazmania and become part of Amanda Gibson’s cheering section!  Exercise that ‘like’ button and give her a round of WordPress support!


Thanks so much for doing this!!