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Flowers! Flowers For Everyone Who Reads This Blog!

The queue of awards tripped me a little; doing the math, I have ten awards to pass along times seven to fifteen people for each one equals a LOT of names and posts to select and hyperlink.   For starters I’ll address the Beautiful Blogger Award,   which was given to me by three talented and prolific bloggers.

History of the Ancient World: http://historyoftheancientworld.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/beautiful-blogger-award/

The Forester Artist: http://theforesterartist.com/2012/10/20/the-beautiful-blogger-award/

Campanulladellaanna:   http://campanulladellaanna.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/blogging-award-nominations-you-can-get-it/

I am to thank the person who nominated this blog, post the image on this blog, share 7 things about myself, and nominate 15 other bloggers.

Thanks, all three of you, for your kind and generous gestures of your respect for this creative-outlet of a blog!  Now for seven tidbits of information that you might find interesting:

1.  When I was about ten years old, I hoped to move to Argentina when I grew up!  I haven’t quite made it yet, but I’m probably closer to Argentina than I am to my home state of Mississippi! (Does that count as three?)

2.  One of my nicknames is “Bruja Blanca” because of my knowledge of medicinal herbs/ethnobotany.  This past week a reflexologist came to my house and asked if I would brew ‘one of those teas” to help him get rid of a lingering cough and runny nose.  Several hours later he was basically clear of symptoms, all because of a tea made from the leaves of the guava tree!

3.  My next goal is to paint enough paintings for a serious archaeological exhibit in Guayaquil,  informally set for sometime in 2014.  It will take me that long to paint those serious studies.

4.  I confessed to an art restorer that I often wished to hide and get locked in museums after hours so that I could study the artifacts without distractions.  “I can probably arrange that,” he said, “You could come on Mondays when we are closed to the public…”  I now have permission to paint at all three museums in Manabi province on Mondays.  It’s so great to sit with those artifacts in total silence!

5.  The bow of a boat protrudes through the wall over the stairs inside my house.   The other side of the wall reveals my bathroom, where the rest of the boat serves as a bathtub and a sink!

6.  My artist friend Ian tells me that he loves my stories, and it’s a shame that I’m in  an institution in Mississippi and making this all up!

7.  Ian also commends me on my excellent photoshop skills, where I lift images from sleek magazines and insert images of myself in appropriate places!  He then advises me to take a pill, or risk having my internet privileges suspended!

Cuenca Ecuador Flower Market

Now for those fifteen candidates for the Beautiful Blogger Award;  will you forgive me for stopping at thirteen?

Top of my list is a blog that I nagged my friends into starting!  Like ducklings in their first puddle of water, John and Mary McDonald quickly earned their wings and are soaring to the stars with amazing and entertaining posts.   Here’s their most-recent post which features those beloved ceibo trees that I mention quite often!  johnandmarylivingitupinecuador.wordpress.com  John and Mary, have I told you lately how proud I am of you?!!!!

Another beautiful soul – and blogger – is dear Doris!  Check out her recent post about Amsterdam and enjoy her artistic blog.

Traveler Lynne’s refreshing style and always cheerful comments brighten anyone’s day.   Visit her blog here at onthegowithlynne.wordpress.com

A veteran blogger, Elizabeth of Mirth & Motivation  surely has more than her share of awards.  Amiga, let this one smile at you or brighten a dark corner if you’ve run out of room for more praises!   (“Z”)

Lynn writes with a style so refreshing that you feel as if she is sitting across the table and brightening your day in person!  Visit her blog and enjoy her fresh way of sharing her life! http://freepennypress.wordpress.com

Some of us live bohemian or gypsy lives;  that wanderlust urge prompts us to see what’s around the next bend in the road or peek over the top of the next mountain or find a way to cross a large body of water.  We enjoy experiencing new cultures and sharing what we learn with others. You have to love someone who calls herself Gypsy Woman!  Enjoy her stories of travel with Jack as they kick around Australia in Matilda.   http://pommepal.wordpress.com/

Recently my blog has crossed paths with other artists’ blogs.   Eve, an artist and picture framer, and I have swapped stories about the difference in framing in the cosmopolitan world vs framing in a third-world country!  Enjoy her blog here: http://eveamaro.wordpress.com

Ruth Bailey publishes an amazing variety of strong work.  Enjoy her beautiful watercolors here:  http://ruthbaileyart.wordpress.com/

Look at Linda’s blog, and you’ll feel as if you’ve weaned from the waking state into a dream world!  Scroll down from top to bottom and admire the beauty of her blog, then scroll back up and enjoy some of her poems!   http://lindawillows.wordpress.com/

I’ve enjoyed following Jaz, a talented musician who gives us an behind-the-scenes peek into the ups and downs of her life with EZStreet Band.   Enjoy her posts and music here:http://ezstreetblog.wordpress.com/  

I always enjoy a dose of Dean Baker’s poetry;  his poems flow like clear spring water  from his soul.  (Dean, I’m not sure if you participate in awards or not, but I wanted to bring others’ attention to your poetry and your books!)  http://deanjbaker.wordpress.com/ 

Another fun blog is written by Alan, aka The Single Malt Monkey.  He’d best get accustomed to the tinkling of the awards!  Here’s one more for the holiday decor;  see his blog here: http://singlemaltmonkey.com

Anne Christine writes with a sensitive touch;  check out her blog and see if you agree that she is a beautiful blogger!  http://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com

Bams post brings us a touch of the exotic from his world.  His images are always stunning!  See more here:  http://betigaklaten.wordpress.com/

Flowers for Everyone! Z

With a baker’s dozen, I close!   Thanks again for your support and encouragement!